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guys i have so much food but im not hungry!

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well, the defiant thing is bullshit, because ive completed everything assigned to me whether i agreed with the decision that lead to the work or not
and i said as much in my annual review
just two at this place, but each of those is like, 1000 diff things
and this ones not done yet they're not on boats until this weekend

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dx^: omg my two year newjob anniversary is like in 10 days!
i think this is around when you showed up here
this next thing is even gayer!
tekrad: you know it doesnt actually seem to be working out like that at newjob
like, 4 months ago im combative and defiant, now im the only one with initiative

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guys doesnt my speaker...
look like this...

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emc is hard, its cheaper this way!
answering that question will probably cost you like $1500 in an EMC labs consulting time

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fuck when is the UN going to bomb us already
bunch of pussies
mmmm BAO

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like half stuff i bought is fake meat, half is real
i like a lot of the fakemeat stuff and its way less calories, no cholesterol
i still cant drink straight milk tho
just remembering how it tasted way different every time freaks me out
i miss kellogs corn flakes and milk, tho =\
well any of it
can get free range and organic fed and other expensive milks, all kinda the same
soy milk is kinda okay to cook with but its not the same in cereal
almond milk is a joke, might as well be sugar water, cant do shit with it
makes everything you put it in taste like almond milk
hemp milk was way awesome but its fucking expensive
gpio control register register?
yeah saw that heh
ereet kiddies

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omg yay!
i havent been shopping for real in like 3 months =\
not really

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i didnt watch so much

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think i seen that, still watching the drones

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ted talk on what?
oh laser turret vs mesquitos
oh maybe not

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