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thats how the engineer at the guitar factory was with autocad
like i was barely able to follow what he was doing

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you just give them your edge routes with outline gerbers?
thats how i do it, even places that say you should send a gad file, they never bitch
wtf is a milling layer
yeah i just give them outlines let them figure out how they want to do it
because pcb-gcode uses milling layer to create like literal toolpaths
doesnt offset or anything, so you have to manually offset by the tool radius
so i cant use it to define edges if i plan on cutting it
okay i need to drive to food
then also do laundry
didnt go to drum n bass
still up until 3am

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inches #1
most shit in mm is only spec'd to .004"
meter is too big and mm is too small and wtf is base 10 and base 100 divisions of mm?
fuck that EEs use base 1000
mils, inches, kiloinch
dude yeah you cant give china your drawings in inches
you shit will be all miniaturized
for PCB its fine
for mechanicals youre seriously going to get back a miniature prototype back one day

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if the whole fucking pcb is in the way
prob no one bought them =(
theyre kind of nice to grip when switching them
use those free air a lot, insulated fast ons, hot glue insulation (for safety!)
did it get even worse?
its like, if you dont know exactly what you want, its useless
you cant like, design using mouser search
dara entry department needs to get resigned
wow my typo is a pretty funny joke

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make sticky rise, fry it
add soy and flavor oils after frying
just use oil after cooking the meat in it
then youre doing lunch side fried rice
so yeah, veggie oil, get it hot, throw in sticky rice
long grain rice wont taste right
just fry it in veggie oil, not so much few tablespoons
and then like put soy and spicy stuff after
i been to freebirds like 10 times
i get almost the same thing every time
yeah i <3 cherry switches
i had a cherry keyboard for awhile, was like a tank
not resistant to bong water
its that special?
so use a pcb mount switch
they make those
right because how do you install the switch

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ok i need foods
i really gotta buy that stuff and put it in my fridge
like, for later
urmom has tacos
oh man
i get the vermicelli peanut salad thing
with cut up eggrolls and seared beef and
no pho
but yeah the cut up eggrolls completes it
im into the fish sauce
fried tofu is okay i guess
its as exciting as eggplant
satay is from thai places
viet places everyone gets fu and i get vermicelli salad thing with beef and eggrolls
you just have to say spicy like 5 times
yeah they wont do it to you the first time
and yeah if you insult them theyll just hurt you
because why wouldnt they
they dont have to eat it
pad thai sucks
fried rice is win
hey so it turns out the best local chinese food place is the peruvian place
badass fried rice
and its not some, hybrid peruvian style fried rice
its just badass mfkr china fried rice
what its fried rice

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prototyping. fast.

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that ass is frumpy
that is good video game ass
next stage of civilization and technology achieved

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Your Shit, Prototyped.
im good, huh

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ya duh
tho one pole shit is for switches and buttons
didja: sometimes, with varying degrees of success
didja: tho several people are known to do electrical and mechanical work for paypal
this isnt software, hardware costs money
damn is BC that cheap?

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it needs to be gain trimmed by a DSP
well it is
naw you need to have variable gain in a mic pre
because it needs to work with diff types a mics, up to like 40dB or 60dB, and needs to work with line levels input
which is around unity gain
mackie uses XLR mic pres with 1/4" TRS line in on their mixers
and the TRS is padded so you have one know that controls both inputs but at different gains
the combo jacks were using could have been setup to do something similar, because all TRS and XLR pins have explusive PCB pins
but we did a pad switch
so you could do line level XLR
which is what most people have

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hey do i do more than just audio!
but yeah i do lots of audio =\
lots of general manufacturing and supply chain type stuff, i work with DSP and microcontrollers a lot
i dont do much coding anymore, mostly i break shit and tell softies what to fix
blackmoon: audio is mostly switching power supplies, microcontrollers/DSP, and high speed comm stuff now
honestly some systems, the only opamps are CODEC buffers
we have a discrete mic pre and i fucking hate it
has real knob
the touchscreen mixer guys used a digitally controlled mic pre IC
12 of them

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