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use a dds chip?
k have fun =\

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i didnt think because she did downward facing dog
macegr: stepper pulleys?

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when is it going to get disturbing
nice workbench
shes crawling
wow never go to a yoga studio you would be terrorized
i thought it was disturbing because it seems to allude to the tsunami
then i thought maybe because she was dancing like michael jackson

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no! delete.

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i need fewds

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if theyre not youre spending too much money on them
NI test interfaces can be pretty rad
but they can also be omfg awful
like teletubby kids toy, too much junk for no reason, scripter thought interface had too much empty space
literally glowing?
you sure its not reflecting something
make sure
if that shit is glowing toss that shit
yeah but the enamel wire is shiny
yeah so its not shorting out
its going to burn the rest of you hardware
just get a new mobo
and turn that shit off its going to start a fire

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paying traffic ticket
traffic ticket paid
for a headlight
no wait
this was for something else
no left turn out of a parking lot
and didnt have proof of insurance
(had insurance just didnt have proof, so still criminal)
tekrad: i have spurts!
like, 5 tickets year before last
mostly fixit stuff, stupid volvo
takes almost 2 years to fix in court
like 300-400% tax on any fines in LA
well, most of california i think
you dont really mean they are red hot, do you?
normal for coils to run hot

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i get it with applesauce
and put a little salt
its called the 5 year old pentium
okay im going to go get some matzo and cleaning products

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cnc pc?
matzo makes badass thin crust pizza
i get the egg n onion stuff
also next time you are at a jew deli, checkout the matzo brie scramble

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theyll try to save money on payroll by having fewer american engineers manage chinese engineers
or researchers
and itll take the american 5 hours to explain how to do something it would take him 30 minutes to do
and youre trying to tell me this is a great guy, running this company?
this guy should pay taxes because his plan is to fuck american talent for greed
that guy professor worked with the mil
and that guy was an idiot
haha venture capitalist
so hes not even a medical background?
so this supposed top lab in the company is going to outsource cancer research to china
and were supposed to consider him a great hard working guy
uh hi i work in manufacturing
ive been overseas to do production support, i work with a chinese engineering department and with representatives of chinese contact manufacturers

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50%^ tax bracket doesnt mean you pay 50% on all the money you make
it means you pay 50% past what you make at that brackets lower limit
seriously, most rich people pay way less in taxes
well maybe he is clearly mistaken
at almost $400K incomes, tax is 35%
fuck that, pay taxes, stfu
you give a shit about how its spent, get involved, or stfu
no based on their failure as a business and americas failure to maintain its manufacturing and now engineering
capitalism is a bitch
its not because of taxes
yeah seriously
its not cheap to manufacture there
its cheaper, but only if you have the logistics overhead to make sure its cheaper
if you cant support a research lab in america, you fucked up

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omg tired
a bank that already issued me a credit card sent me preapproval for another credit card
clearly this is a trick
oh nm
it is a trick its not the same bank it just has a similar name
24% apr and $75 annual fee
trick confirmed

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