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sometimes in engineering you just gotta be like fuck it

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i wouldnt accept a salary position unless it was for waaaaay more
so i had one of the salary guys, an ME, babysitting speakers
and im front of the head of project managements office
and i tell him TALK TO HR HOOK UP SOME OT
its prob not happening
people do work overseas and dont get paid more, and theyre working like 12 hour days, and then spending a lot of free hours with people from other companies
so its time off but youre still representing work interests
in california too

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right now im making tons of OT and DT becaus of yet another i-told-you-so moment
i make a lot of work for those guys
i do a lot of work traveling and driving around to diff buildings so figuring out my hours gets complicated
not like my day is, clock sit in cube clock lunch clock sit in cube clock

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you can get them same day if you drive some place downtown
been done, i have my passport
but yeah they want to send the ee (the badass one, not the smart one) because its way cheaper to send him than me and he has his visa
or should
hes salary im hourly
but i know about the project as a whole and im just way more comfortable with mechanical and manufacturing stuff
but hes good, has lots of production support experience, he already went tho couple months ago
revtom: details

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use 1/4" of aluminum
aluminum concrete honeycomb!
holy shit rab thats cheap
oh shit
just remembered china is a week away if i end up going
prob wont tho they waited too long to figure this shit out

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looks heavy
yeah you need to brace those
same concern as rab
thing already weighs a ton would just use 4x4 and brace that with 2x4
what for a table top?

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for a politician trying to squeek a second term in a polarized environment like this, i think he did his first term well
because in the end, santorum and romney did not stop the iraq war and did not kill the osama
i mean, i think the osama has been dead for like 11 years
but everyone thinks he killed the osama, and thats important
rab: first term wants a second
i prob just wont vote
and presidents dont control stuff like that
unless they want to get shot
well hes a politician

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