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yeah i still want to play with those

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how the fuck do i know what youre doing
get one
means nothing for me

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monkeyisl: fool its just an inverting unity buffer
input impedance is 2K when powered up

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fuckhead left another tech hanging for two hours past end of his shift

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man how did i become a field project manager
i hope when they said nobody gets merit based raises this year, they didn't mean me
like, i get one day off in just under a month, and i spend all of it texting and on the phone scheduling shifts, giving the fuckhead liar guitartech gas money so he could get to his shift

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our stuff is too big for our vibration table, we blew out all the amps transistor bank fuses trying to shake a 60lb speaker
but theyre like, WEAR PLUGS THIS 40G TEST IS LOUD
for some chick running some aerospace parts
so im helping the guy setup our subwoofer, and hes got some handheld bk precision sig gen
so its not putting out much signal so i have the speaker volume 100%
so im in the observation room and there is this loud noise, and they all look at me
im like, what i thought your tests were loud theyre like ITS YOUR SPEAKER
the batteries died on the sig gen
yeah we just do 1G
15min each axis
thats without packaging, tho
theres a fedex test, like 1G random signal in shipping box
we usually let the factory do that

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elevated temp, humidity, vibration, corrosion
we have a little cabinet with a heater and an AC inside
and a homebrew temp controller
kinda, but its just a hacked up thing
works well, will do 0C to like 80C
and we have an couple agilent data loggers, thing the cartridges are like 20 channels, each holds two, channels are thermocouple or voltage input configurable
prob similar thing
its just one adc and replays for multiplexing
yeah the test reports are dense
haha so i went to a big environmental test place

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we have a big faraday cage, rf generators, esd equipment
we test before we blow the money on cert labs
im pretty sure we test way harder
they do what they want
they usually want redundancy of some sort
but yeah they can do whatever they want to make it fail, pretty much
what did you do to it?
uh, okay well fix that wtf
do you do any environmental testing?
or is this still cryo stuff (guess the product basically is an environmental test)

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we use the phillips LPC things in most stuff
way cheap, never programmed them dont know much about the architecture
that can happen with any manufacturer
we use AD arm stuff for dsp
why not go with arm cortex stuff?
you do safety and emc?
you test in house first or just say fuckit and punt it in

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vendor specific software is going for education
class projects, kinda fail for anything commercial
and i wouldnt use it for personal stuff, that company could be gone in 6 months, and your design is basically lost
both labs i work in will order stuff from there
both companies have used AVR in products and ships tens of thousands
you dont get silicon from surplus places
so thats not even a valid argument
they usually have something pin compatible with more ram and flash if it does
from a reputable distributor?
or you change the design
dont buy silicon from surplus
anything, IC, transistors, diodes

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