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whats straight talk
yeah i need signal
using my phone as a phone is important
[some joke about jobs emailing a mfkr hes holding it wrong]
were you tethering and downloading all internets?
well you fucked up
get cable
ive had cable like 10 years, it just gets more and more and more awesome
its not unlimited
its unlimited reasonable use
then sue them

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trip out, you know for pieces of AVID crap, these m-audio BX%a deluxe have decent imaging
i need a stereo reverse switch =\
like, some hair fell in front of my right ear and i had one of those 'SHIT IM GOING NARROW BAND DEAF ASSYMETRICALLY' moments
i really need a sub this is kinda pathetic on the lowend, even with EQ

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hopefully =)
not unless it involved building or fixing something and you got a lot of paypal

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personally i think if you cant solder or troubleshoot, youre useless until youve picked it up in the field
just another book engineer, making work for other, cant clean up their own messes
better be able to remember
discrete linear designs are pretty dead, up to about 100W output power
power, audio, data processing, its all got opamps and comparators
thats neat, super useful, but if youre not intuitive with opamp circuits, youre pretty limited when it comes to design and analysis

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danielson: national has a linear handbook, its basically a collection of tons of their app notes
like, categorized
you used to be able to get them to send you a hard copy of the book
dunno if they do that anymore, i have one
do you want to do electronics?
well if you dont learn opamps youre useless

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overtime ftw?
where is nico

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