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coincidentally that is the skrillex song i dislike the least!

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$189 + $621 taxes & fees = $810 USD per person
sucks because the first thing you see is $190
nothing apparently
los angeles to london
shit i should just wake up all the way and go to work
have you ever been anywhere you liked?

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sup hacker
its 5am
what do you mean like enclosures?

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tekrad: oh the other reason why... people are going to be annoyed they cant use their ipad because theyve jacked it into some device as a dedicated UI

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i need to quit smoking cigs

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dedicated hardware is easier to manage in a real world time critical performance situation
no as an interface for machine control
it gets confusing have to switch back and forth between apps
and deal with the background os stuff
its close, anyone using usb for audio and control is used to latency
i try and keep it under 20ms
but yeah watching people use them in performance situations, you see a lot of confusion versus someone with skills working a mixing console
there is the benefit of being able to swap out your touchscreen tho
i was messing with some of the allen and heath digital mixing desks, and one of them had a fucked touchscreen
heh, deep breaths!

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tekrad: almost *everyone* at NAMM had shit you can click an ipad into
ipad guitar preamp, ipad drum machine, ipad pad sampler/sequencer interface, ipad mixing console, ipad midi keyboard controller
ac-130u: if the audio industry sold industrial control equipment, yes! (but after chinese new year, not now)
its going to be a fad i think

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like, everyone frustrated with china CM, theyre getting more expensive, the larger order means more warehousing costs
and all the industrial space they started building right before the economy tanked is done
so theres insane vacancy in this area
right, its just small stuff
lots of spaces have that stuff
but yeah theres a lot of CM starting up around here
supply chain is still mostly chinese, but final assembly and test is here
its working for a lot of small-medium size company
i dont think medium-big and big companies will be able to change direction for a couple years

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maybe 20 seconds for different cutting tool in the same collet
closer to a minute for a collet change
you basically crack a drawbar nut on top of the spindle, turn a few times by hand to unclamp the collet
tool drops out or you pull iy out, throw another in, spin drawbar, tighten with a wrench
ac-130u: yeah probably quicker with practice
haha trying to sell?
tekrad: i the next year or two im hoping to get involved in local manufacturing
its kind of coming back

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ac-130u: autochangers are drama for homebrew setups, so why bother
if you machine shit all day, setting up Z after a tool change isn't a big deal, takes a few seconds
wtf why is this shit expensive
theyre industrial tools, not toys
like a 10 year investment
the idea is you run shit on it like every fucking day and make money
unless youre doing protopcb like every other day
yeah im pretty sure schedules in my industry are unrealistic compared to yours
if were not spinning protos, were testing them, or were spinning production boards

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tekrad: haha yeah the slop on school shop bridgeports was like half a turn
its neat tho it teachs you about engaging screws in the feed direction before starting cuts
pretty easy to impliment in code and cam apps
tekrad: ya srs
they have the tooling already
besides the time thing
and they've prob already figured out how to do work holding with similar projects
which seems to be the shittiest part of any machining project

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if you need a machine tool, this is pretty much what people do
i see more bridgeports in small shops than anything else
every guitar shop i been in has at least one
its a US company
i thought so at least
anyway for $15K you get a complete setup
all non consumable tooling you need
you spend $5K on some china mill, you will spend another $2k on tooling to set it up and barely use it to its potential
thats guys vice is $700
and he prob sells it before the mill

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or something similar
for $15K you can get a tormach
i would suggest looking into a tormach with the tooling package
it prob has a XY envelope thats close to what you need
and i think that shit is parport driven btw
and it might be open loop step, possibly you have servo feedback but i wouldnt bet on it
yeah its a package, pretty complete
timecop: mine is 11.5 x 5.5 x 6.0 inch
thats maybe $10K?
like, old bridgeport, new dro and feed
oh huh bridgeports are pretty cheap
well i figure the dro and feed are prob least $2k

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whats that in english
he wont be able to convert it anyway
you want a router?
i thought you wanted to do work
gantry mill is light duty, plastic and wood, maybe PCB
if youre just doing wood and plastic, go for it
if you want to machine, get a machine
then get a machine tool
not a woodshop tool
eh you need a 23" Y?
for $5k?
this conversation is pretty much over
talk to unreal
he can prob whip something up for you
the thing i saw today was $22K
$24K with the nice stand/enclosure
its about 2x4"
gantry router, autochanger, prob strong enough to do aluminum
feeding a gantry router steel is stupid
like i said, for $5K you can get my setup

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19:53 < timecop> i got 5k to blow on a cnc
19:53 < timecop> i got 5k to blow on a cnc
you cant afford a haas minimill
its mini for a haas, which is bigger than you can fit into your apartment
anyway $5k aint shit
if you dont want to parport it, give up
unless you want to be a guinea pig or developer
get over yourself and accept your homebrew DIY budget and the teachnology that is available at that level
seriously stfu timecop
yeah, there is, its called latency
usb has it
so anyway
$5K is a taig or MaxNC and enough tooling to be useful
parport is rock solid in terms of performance and reliability
so use it and do work, or get some usb arduino shit
and ill laugh when you cant even machine an arc
most people are still using serial ports to send their $40K haas minimills gcode programs
industry doesnt give a shit about what you think is convenient =)
this aint tv...

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all the namm is over
fun: http://www.arturia.com/evolution/en/products/minibrute/intro.html
its like reason but irl!
also everyone did something you can click an ipod into
was like, unofficial them

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