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teknique: my company sells new consumer products w/ vacuum tubes
no, line 6

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teflon smoke is bad?
thank god that shit doesnt burn...
well, hardly doesnt

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so you have manufacturing and service issues
yeah shit doesnt have to look pretty or fit in tight spaces
so theres tons of awkward looking boxes that do one thing really well
its like, button+relay! its $300 but itll never die!
gpf does a ton of stuff like that
its kind of like prototyping, system building
more top level than hardware design but not so much its sales guy retarded
what did kevin say they called it for .mil certification...
like, catostrophic dissassembly event
or something
i think metal oxides fall into that category
supposed to self extinguish or just not flare up in the first place
like, they just glow red, turn black
inert gas or random gas?

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like, for a fistfull of ferrite and steel and expensive bearings, i always figured they should be more
i think they usually are but they have to be somewhat sealed with decent runout
theres usually no crush bearings
well its still a block of ferrite, steel and copper, with somewhat tight tolerances
tight for mass production
well we wouldnt have to use shaft couplers
damn dunno if un going to drum n bass
namm was neat
yeah industrial control is too expensive not to standardize
other than stupid big app specific stuff
yeah but lead times for custom parts sucks

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dale knockoffs, theyre rated on like 1/8" plates of aluminum
the bigger ones its like 1ft^2 of aluminum
you can run the 200W ones at like 50W or so for a pretty long time
the big shit you can run out of spec for a little bit before the temp catches up
right, like a $100 cooling project to use a $.50 through hole resistors
if your shit is outdoors you pretty much have to ignore 1st page power ratings =\
on like every fucking street corner...
chub: just make sure the surface is really flat and use thermal transfer paste
theyve been cheap since ive been checking

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anyway double the wattage you will run at
and youre prob fine
so yeah like moon said, for 16W, prob good idea to use 3x 10W resistors
chub: yeah try and change that if you can
they fail more than anything
usually because its easy to save money there
resistor wattage is usually like 150C rated =\
fails spit test, maybe still okay!
anything more than 150C rated will be in a metal package with some way to mount it to a heatsink
yeah you have to put those on a sink

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space them out
or two 10W resistors will only dissipate 10W after derating
maybe less if you totally crowd them
at 50C ambient you can
itll be heatsink resistors or to-220 package or something
but yeah if the device is outdoor, you want to use 50C ambient as your starting point, so the resistors are derated a little bit
if the thing runs off an unregulated supply, you want to account for rail variations

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this waking up early to get to anaheim quick thing didn't really happen
but i have hot water again!
haha i came home past 3am hackers all still trying to fix the water heater

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