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why cant you multi monitor?
youre doing some bitch no pc use thing?

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neat it bewtz
need a monitor
pc computer machine is built
hmm fuck i dont have anymore monitors
bitch dont antagonize me
i should probably go check by the trash
i guess i just park it next to mine and swap a lot

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haha @ pc speaker
its just a little capsule speaker in the accessorie bag with a pin header connector on a 1" wire tail
rosewill ftw, superchina to the max

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holy fuck i need a new optical drive
shit never been the same since the dvd label disintegrated in there
yeah this is ide shit ive prob had it 8 years

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did someone help monkeyisl
hey beeped
anyway, time to get blazed and build a pc
i got my friend a $30 rosewill
but i got a 520w antec psu so it makes up for it
i got a classic boring black lian li
retail coffee is shit
i light roast in the lab
all of engineering is hooked
i hear the softies are big into it (i supply the project manager who supplies the building)
hederosexual people?
whatever man
i got there for carmel coffee slurpee
the coffee itself is shit

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