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for what?
you include a definition for the part, takes care of all available ports/pins and registers
so its like, ldi TCCR1,0b00010011
or ldi TCCR1,127
or whatever
find some example code, itll usually be in the first couple lines

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definitely 20min, because thats part of the 'i coded the avrfreak LED throbber in 30m on an stk500, and 20m of it was learning lpm to store the wave table' joke

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is lpm new?
anyway, pretty sure you just need to loop through a buffer
and setup the strings to send with lpm or initialized ram
anyway if youre doing asm stuff lpm is good to know
well same thing diff dir
it saves in 2 byte words, and one latched on high byte event and the other on low byte
besides that im pretty sure it wasnt very tricky
but yeah i just read the app note, got it running in like 20 minutes

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like, snippets of c code, or string format data stored in flash?
there is a preprocessor directive that allocates flash memory
theres an app note about how to use the opcode for runtime save to flash, itll show how
that will eat "data formatted like this" im pretty sure
if you mean like, funtions that deal with formatting and processing of string data, no i dont think there is a direct way to do this
just definition of flash contents and constant variables
i think you can prob ldi r16,"h"
and .set boom "datadtatatdtatdatdtad"

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