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i have to babysit a test at work over the weekend
so im going to assemble and test this preamp pcb i did at exjob
looks like i did limiter threshold detection before the limiter switch with no jumper options to do post limiter threshold detection
least it wont oscillate

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haha c files opened avrstudio
nice try...
yeah thats like, HI ATTACH 3.3V BATTERY THINGS TO ME

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no thats max2384523
and theres only 5 in existance and they cost $3,700 each
they cost $0.37 each if you buy 20,000 though
to does not make max2384523
whatever texas urmom
hey thats kind of fun to say
1.8v is usually undefined
old stuff like that at least

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least this has a rock beat
needs to be faster
i need a subwoofer

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does the code generator do perimiter passes?
sculptor: no its not in the controller
its prob an 8b micro
im pretty sure i like them
kinda jazzy downtempo w/ deep drums?
synth sounds like indie/techno/alt stuff
beat is disco
oh i was listening to another song

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macegr: how is robot gluegun
you have the heater extrusion whatever assembly working th?
haha yeah its more mechanical engineering than anything else
like once you figure out all the electronics
what software?
that should be pretty easy to setup
just use soft limits
yeah but for machine control
oh cool its a hardware controller
well if they dont have soft limits implimented you should bitch
so you like reverse spline arcs?
or you just raster everything

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haha @ including the ukraine

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