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not quite as nuts now
they keep the azn contract manufacturers downstairs
like, there will be chinafactories downstairs with knockoffs of shit upstairs
i dont sell shit
i dont have a company
now is the step where i learn how do i audio engineering and manufacturing
monkeyisl: like, you have to be a huge company to afford a lab well stocked enough to develop and test for spec quickly
and to even afford the lab tests needed to certify the product for emc and safety

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two weeks until namm
national association of music merchants
they do an LA show (winter namm) and a show in like tenessee or something, summer namm
so all the audio industry shows up, shows off the shit they think theyre going to put into production in the next year
try and sell more of the current stuff
namm is like 110 years old, in the 80s i guess namm was a huge party, prob rained cocaine, hotel hot tubs filled with whiskey, who knows

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