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haha fuck that
call flyback

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he won by 8 votes
its not 100%
republicans are sofucked
they are like, OBAMA CANT WIN they cant even win versus themselves
i saw it
herman cain got 58 votes
i would think more people would have voted for him just having no idea what was going on
i guess they are better informed or less stupid than i thought

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remember the guy got that chemical all over himself and his fingers were sliding off...
it was a movie
i dont think it was important enough to even the name the chemical
im pretty cure you could cut around your fingers and slide off your skin and still have it work
i dunno where we are going with this

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that can be tomorrow goal
enco has this hammer is like steel with screw in rubber and plastic tips in different hardness
you are going to hammer stuff with your penis
thats dumb you cant get any kind of swing arc with it
unless you detach it
yeah as big my arm, youre right i cant
dod you get acid on yours?

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smd 4148 diodes are prob cheapest

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