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i dont think that works how they think it works
thats the arduini ide?
arduino WHATEVER hi

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i can totally take that joke as meaning two different things
and theyre both funny!

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we need like kW laser sigths for guns
that way you slice people up while aiming you dont even have to waste bullets

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bottom middle is the control circuit, prob a gate drive transformer, output switches
then right side is prob output transformer
naw man there are holes around the wires totally will have enough ventilation
mag ballast is almost too stupid to die

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thats the only pic of smps ballast internals i can find
shit on the left looks like mains filtering, im guessing top middle is power for the controller and switches

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arent they known for failing
its prob just fets
buy a used one and tear it down
could just be forward conversion with switches at sane voltages, and 20khz is slow

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