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thats not real
the twins thing could so be real

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mastech supply, now with RAPID sticker!

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battery charging is pretty high current
typically you charge way faster than you use it up

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do you have diodes
itll probably thermal
go into thermal protection mode
does it say UL or RU on it anywhere?
or CSA or ETL
the 2A ones
gear: if thye 12V 2A one has safety compliance logos on it, try it
if not, dont

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order some shit like that
onlooker: yeah
i have these japanese SLA batteries from a UPC
four 7Ah 12V guys
they seem to be charging up!
its prob not rated at 3A
if they had one it prob would have been way more unless you specifically needed that much dsoubt you would have bought it

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go to radioshack
they have camera ac adapter with tip kits, they either go to 2a or 3a
whats wrong?
call asus
you can get a new ac adapter from them
itll be marked up like 100% from what seems fair
but if thats the problem itll work
if the charger circuit is a seperate PCBA, then search ebay for it
the aca adapter is $40?
oh from asus
so put the right voltage and current on it and see if it charges
might be the battery
charger circuits are in the batteries a lot
not necessarily
so maybe just jacks just fucked
contacts could be bent wrong or something
checked for broken pads?
like hairline breaks
i thought he tried putting voltage on it

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`nico: works pretty chill
heh almost everyone on vacation
kk time for sleep

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oh damn i mean to be like `nico: right then
like, even good shit sucks now wtf
thats what breaks them!

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hey trip out that is cheaper
instead of having a jtag header and some main harness header, you just put the jtag in that and NC it
and then you can program and do some debug with a speaker cable
$0.10 saved
jobs rescued: all the jobs
special cable
jack sensing on ampehnol combo jacks is currently broken
like in case you want to make surgury tools with guitar/mic input

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nico they put the headers and ordered the pcba for you
do you know how many people hours this takes?
theyre only going to sell 4 they have to make all the money back
they can be diasy chained?
at $90/hr + project bonus
you can have a little train of them nice
i dont think that datasheet is what think that datasheet is for
the 60 pin connector attaches to the 14 pin connector

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no cutting lube
the seal wont last youll be dropping tools and parts on it
to run that machine a long time its going to take like, maintenance and repair
haha like mine i practically ignore it, especially since i switched to vactra no2 way oil
not a bad idea

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its better than natural wood
haha itll sound better
but it still warps
not a huge amount but .01 and it starts to kind of affects the routing capabilities
like double 1" mdf?
if you rough sand and paint that shit with glue its crazy strong
cuts really well two
prob where it screws together is where that fails
screws big enough with fat washers is prob okay tho
as long as you dont load that shit its maybe okay
if you machine gets wet youre fucked

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then yeah, either push a pin down into the side of the g10 through a hole in the bar
or if its solid (are they hollow) just clamp it with some thick bolts
maybe use glue too, to keep it from wiggling
that shit is ultra stable
they make PCBA test fixtures out of it
lots of heavy ass clamp hardware bolted to it for bed of nails setups, does not flex
then i dunno what to bolt it to for a base
if you can afford that much g10, use it
its probably better than aluminum
the wood is going to change
maybe as much as .05" over time
over that distance, easily
its going to warp too, which is going to loose then set screw clamps
yeah i dunno about MDF

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so eventually you need to replace those planks of wood with more of that fiberglass
most of your issues are probably going to come from that
you have set screws to adjust the alignment of the rails for the ways?
so my suggestions, get a square foot more of the g10
and have a machine shop or someone as capable drill holes for the way rails in it
like, split it in two
and drill it oversize by maybe .005 or something

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so its held between two points , and drive by the clamp
bar is held by the two centers (you have to make sure theyre both centered, parallel)
and that clamp on the bar is caught on the chuck to spin it

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i would make some sort of dead center for it
2" will make using a lot of different tools and fixtures difficult unless you can manually adjust the spindle height
like another angle bracket
with a shaft thats colinear with the A axis
thats pointy
so you can hold bars between the axis drive shaft and the dead center shaft
its an adapted lathe thing but you see them a lot of a axis setups
a dog setup is prob simple enough
you put the bar between two dead center spindles
and you put a clamp onto the bar
that has an arm that fits into a notch on a flywheel on the spindle

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blackmoon: if it do foam itll do aluminum!
if you hit the aluminum juuuust right
sec i has not clicked
go shallow, spin fast, feed slow,
just looks like an angle bracket and some sort of worm gear assembly
anyway, as long as you dont load it, looks like it could work

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