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are you trying to do
you just want to record it?
if there is an external dac you could rip the stream going between the uC and the dac

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the line is usually like an hour or two, ive only stood in it once

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omfg $4 service fee on $15 tickets
$20 for a weekly =\
naw this is flavorus, its not as bad
nothing so big
but yeah the massives usually sell through them
this is prob like a 3000 person venue, dunno how they gonna fill it up every week
can get badass headliners every week
i rabbed
weird they wont let me will call one week
but i can for the other two weeks
most everyone is willcall
at this venue we can usually tag along with some of the talent and cut =\
just walk in like you own the place...

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but yeah, non gaming shit, stuff for accounting and engineering and all that bullshit, should be made to run on older machines
its kind of the only thing left
3ghz quad processors have been available for years
vid cards from years ago will run modern games
might as well fill up all the ram slots

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games are why home computers get faster
you design for the hardware that exists
because it will probably take you a year or two to make and distribute the game
you know every game production company has some monster gaming rig
it was prob the reason for the whole game development business scam in the first place
it wont be in 2 or 3 years
when the game actually gets released
also decent games will have a couple years of sales, so thats another two or three generation of video processors
nvidia has launched like 8 flagship chips since you had the original game idea

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damn i should get a new vid card and more mem
is ssd cheap yet?
more mem helps everything
OS get heavier
yeah but a server is optomized

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wtf why do you have a xeon
i have a quad
i think its only like 2.0ghz tho
my shit is enough i never care or think about my hardware
my drives are slow, thats the bottleneck
im not paying for new drives to store hundreds of gb in redundant trashdata
im messy
oh damn
2.4ghz quad with 4gb memory
i think this computer is like 3 years old
when did fo3 come out?
this is the fo3 computer
yeah 3 years old

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i need to organize my drives
hopefully they sort it
wow wouldnt that be rad, like if i requested the data during a trial and i got all my data back sorted
tho i could also just see it all dumped into a single mega directory

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reformat all
i wasnt paying attention
when installing something
now i have weird stuff on my computer
dx^: heh

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