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impedance of a speaker looks like a ski jump
it could be dozens of ohms at resonance
they measure the DC resistance of the coil, and then they round it up the the next multiple of 2 or 4 ohms

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you need magnet wire
`nico: calling all `nico
`nico: maty have left phone at friends house, but its going to be 74F in malibu tomorrow so still down for lunch on the beach if you are

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so its all backpackers?
fuck where is my phone
skyped my phone and heard nothing

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school = 20-50K more a year, easy
youre exceptional

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all oscilloscopes have tubes.
time for back to sleep
the displays are pretty coarse

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also im going to rusko, first funktion in like 6 years
so yeah now im like, dubstep hipster
i should buy that ticket before it turns into $100
`nico: they put record into it, and some more effects and another drum machine, so it kind of seems work it now for like 60% off
*worth it
man im tired
old people wake up too early

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and i mostly am except for worknotes
`nico: you still use ing electric orange?
the checking thing
oh who used ing
`nico: thinking about buying a reason 6 ignition key from work
there was ton of drumstep last night, \o/

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it should be 70, middle of the day in malibu tomorrow
other hacker wants to have lunch at the beach, woke me up at 10
i want a router
i wonder if the cnc router place i worked at is still in business
linksys what
i have wrt54gl i only use like two ports
well, one now
my cnc moved to my friends garage
i guess no
i kind of want a linksys print server, heh
paper is neat \

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`nico: original sin, fuck ya
long week, fuck
its 55F

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