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its cold

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yeah i use it constantly

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timecop you were a very bad penguin werent you
ion was okay
whatever doom 3 ran better than in windows
well its been that long since i cared
im going to get some in and out
or maybe dennys
that was fun
i need to finish fo3
tux racer was sad =(

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guys im hungry
italian place is open
also wingstop
haha i remember that
it was all about waimea
which was some blackbox wm that you could layout your desktop in a big grid
and smash the mouse into the side of the screen to move to each one
why would you use free nvidia drivers

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i dont want to do laundry
everything else is
i know what drawers is
i dont know why they call boxers drawers but whatever

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so you could do 16b and get 2^16 minus one word

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i think this is the interesting part
i found a page that has IEEE and RFC in it =\
wait what
so it says how many hops to the next delimter
and when you hit an ectual delimter you stop
wait im not sure but this might be some genius shit
i think i am not smart enough to fully understand all at once
254 because youre packing bytes?

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so wavosaur will do it
either wavosaur FFT sucks or audacity pink noise sucks
pro turkey
is there also bacon in the stuffing?
next year: bacon stuffing
i dont think i know what that is

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i might reg repub and vote ron paul

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hope it does 2d spectrogram plots
came in?
why what did i do
and fuck that pizza man

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dx^: sound forge does it
but my trail expired
and im going to have to do this at work alot
audacity doesnt do it =(
at least they fixed normalize in audacity so you can normalize to any level, not just -3dB
fuck yeah looks like wavosaur can do it
with a name like wavosaur shit better be free
looks like it does 3d waterfall plots too

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yeah i can do the algorithm fine
i just need to know how to eat wav files
c++ i guess
meh id have to relearn programming on windows
which i should probably do anyway
haha i could do it in LTspice

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dx^: how do i break a wav file into samples to calc RMS versus peak values
i guess how do i break a wav file into a huge array
i guess google

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