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also i fixed my siezed garbage disposal by banging it on the side with a breaker bar!
now it leaks out the bottom =(
like, out the circuit breaker button hole and the spindle hex key hole
=( =( =(

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for what
im going to tell another channel

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im moving CNC to buddies garage
prob a lot of electronics lab gear
maybe keep music stuff
move into a room
pay >$500 less

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_unreal_: how much do you pay for rent or mortgage
i pay $1200 for 1 bedroom
for what
thats your problem, how big is your home
your home jerks you off?
so you pay $700 for a big home that jerks you off, and you have problems?

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`nico: when are you going to be in LA
original sin on the 22nd
hmm you are not going to original sin
bouncer is cool but prob not that cool

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_unreal_: it has a mechanical drawing
i dont understand the issue
i will make you the part for $50 tho
hopefully you bebe does not starve because of my greed

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i dont know what you want to do
that link is too long

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so is that a $60 mouse?
you have $$$?\

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macegr: if you want a job theres prob no better place to go
and if you want to manufacture there, its generally accepted you need boots on the ground
else you might as well shoot yourself in the face

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time is a mfkr
im bad at it

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30 degree pyramid tip carbide was pretty sexy

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17:39 < macegr> noisy, messy, no mask, burrs on the edges, no large isolation areas, and no fine detail like tssop
there doesnt have to be burrs
and yeah .012 space trace is doable, .008 is kinda hellish
.016 like all day
and what do you mean no large isolation areas?
you leave it or you machine it away
if the choice is home etch or CNC, i def like the CNC process better
fuck that toner transfer art project bullshit
tho i guess if youre using 60 degree cutters like macegr suggests, your results will be ass

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im just as likely to take it apart as use it, =\
i bet their resale value is amazing
damn, a bunch for only $500 used

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sculptor: there is midi-usb stuff, but the midi spec itself is 1.0
for like 30 years
yeah but midi is enough
well i guess driver side on a pc, its all over the place
i think i want one of those
$1000 is too many
well, junglist bass junkie, i guess
same thing, more synth bass

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If you were looking for the Evolution UC-33e, it is no longer available.
If you were looking for the Evolution UC-33e, it is no longer available.
man i need a new mouse

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its $30 more
get the $500
er, 500
kind of sucks they dont throw you extra pads and pots
long plastic chassis are a manufacturing challenge
yeah dont get that

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thats an ugly texture on the plastic
wow looks like you can setup the midi mapping on the controller itself?
thats cool, i hate the programs to do that
yeah the preset recall is neat
i still like being able to change it on the hardware
but yeah, lots of knobs and faders, 2x4 pads
lots of textured plastic, might be to cover small cosmetic defects in the injection molded parts

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if you have bigger hands they prob suck even more
yeah man a good synth is a few $k easy
and a lot of synth geeks are pretty into soft synths anyway
ive played with reason a bunch
i havent really played with VST stuff much

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i think thats like variable pressure after the note-on event?
if yes, you dont need it, most controllers dont do it
but it seems really cool
ive never played much it because i buy cheap crap =\
what kind of music do you want to do?
if you can afford it, i would get it
if you just want to fuck around, tho, buying something cheap with a lot of controls might be a good first step
like for $60 or something
then yeah maybe consider getting one with aftertouch
if this is going to be a pretty big investment
i think you can get full size keyboards for like <$200 now
but theyre pretty simple, keyboard, pitch and mod wheels, and maybe few other controls and a shift button
but one of those, and one of the micro controllers with a bunch of knobs might work well
if you can go into a store and try the knobs i would recomment it
a lot of them use these low profile stylish knobs that look cool but suck to use

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says use iso alc
i was going to suggest but it kind of seemed like a shitty lube
says dont use anything else
yeah pour 99% iso on it and wiggle it
for a controller?

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why is sliding the rubber spacer over the wires impossible?
ive done big amphenols like that
just wiggle it?
on the wire insulation or the soldered ends?
ive only done ones with a few conductors
anyway, i think you should just wiggle it while pulling on the wires from behind it
or wait until tomorrow and call amphenol and ask what to do

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townshend is practically a british national treasure tho

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and they prob have more access to documents about your life than you do
also, being anaspie type, theres probably no shortage of people who think you are odd
*an aspie
they have your pc?
im thinking more than actual content, your search strings are what they can really hit you hard with
in that case youre going to have to bust a pete townshend
i dont think he went to jail or prison

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ccfl_man: make him stop bitching
the_gfr|w: smoke weed everyday.
k good, you have a spine
the_gfr|w: just do it
if he doesnt want to talk he will ignore you and you can come back here and bitch about it and we can tell you to stfu
its not wrong its just not very efficient
its like asking to ask a question
monty dont think it just do.
no one said youre an idiot
in fact if you were you probably wouldnt have any of these problems
and you maybe wouldnt realize the problems you did have
feel blessed you are at least self aware enough to decide to deal with your problems
i dont know
do you have wifi
how will it not be ugly...
their job is to convince people youre a horrible person

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10:00 < THE_GFR|W> CCFL_Man: everything bad that could happen is happening to me.
10:00 < THE_GFR|W> CCFL_Man: everything bad that could happen is happening to me.
stfu if you believe that youre a fool
you do not live in a 3rd world country \
youre family isnt being tortured by criminals
you arent being held in a government concentration camp
you arent being raped by a theif on pcp
okay it could happen soon but it hasnt happened today
no prison isnt a concentration camp
but youre not in prison either
ccfl_man: obviously
ccfl_man: guess what it doesnt matter get over it and get along with people
ccfl_man: sucks huh =(
well embrace it or get over it, youre not going to rearrange your brain
do you want to be drugged?
okay so get over it, somehow
so is quitting smoking...
anyway stop bitching
it doesnt help its not constructive
i do smoke

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have you had coffee yet?
thats mostly my prob on the weekend, i dont drink so much coffee
on work it grows on trees
why dont you do coffee
you need light roast coffee!
so i been roasting my own raw coffee in the lab
and giving it to this project manager who brews coffee for most of engineering
and now all of upstairs is hooked on fresh light roast coffee
anal0g`: y
all of them in three weekends
what is happy music
and seriously cheer the fuck up
are you writing a song
are you in danger of being homeless in the next couple months?
anal0g`: haha yeah
anal0g`: he was just brewing it, though, im pretty sure
i roast
just french press or drip
anal0g`: im pretty sure the coffee you start with matters way more than brewing method

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so CTO asks a question about speakers like, why can't we get the same sensitivity out of smaller drivers
and another tech is like REN KNOWS ABOUT SPEAKERS so i answer all intuitively like, well because the cone area is smaller and the motors are usually smaller
but he didn't seem convinced, so now im all working out the math for the drivers to see what matters more for calculating sensitivity
and its totally obvious why most speaker designers just use software for this shit
but yeah it seems way dependent on free air resonance frequency
which is directly tied to moving mass and suspension stiffness
i think maybe it ends up being suspension stiffness and motor strength that dominate
math is annoying

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