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i doubt its that if the rest of the computer is acting okay
yeah then its prob not power
try running it open case with a fan pointing at it
hit it with some canned air

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i assume you mean servicing them?
or hacking them, and no not really
using them?
my guess is PSU or heat
do they brick or they just dont rear and write correctly?
if power is bad random shit will fuckup
anyway, heat, dust, psu, in that order, assuming everything else on the pc works
is my guess
oh it works sometimes?
just an overloaded or defective supply
yeah, out of spec voltage, brownouts and spike, higher ripple than the device can deal with

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MEMSIC's no-moving-parts MEMS accelerometer uses a heater to raise the temperature of central column of air, while thermocouples around the edge indicate acceleration as a change in temperature
heh, wut

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ac-130u: ukf dubstep is a good youtube channel for this stuff, i hear a lot of the tracks played when i go out
its british!
british stuff is like +10 music crediblity.

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is that your daughter?
i like that track
the distortion in this one is awesome, click it to 480p or 720p

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i can get into shit like that ^
hard, very tech sounding, beats are pretty dense despite being half step at 140bpm
75% of dubstep feels like a ripoff of that fresh track
the sound is very circus sideshow, rocky horror

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pretty sure ive heard tracks i thought was okay
the shit is slow
and clownstep bass gets old
and you can only hear the circus organ synth samples so many times before theyre just not so exciting
borgore is friday
i prob pass
the crowds are 5-10 years younger too
and generally retarded
like, too high, too drunk, always trying to start shit with each other

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`nico: original sin at respect dec 22
ac-130u: mostly dubstep by drum n bass producers, honestly
feedme is spore
er spor
honestly i can deal with a lot of the popular shit (skrillex, bassnectar, flux pavillion), i cant listen to it very long

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computers have noise issues in general
we use audacity a lot
i use sound forge for wav file analysis
heh, a lot of the bass music i listen to has RMS to peak (crest factor) thats similar to IEC spec pink noise, 6dB crest
but my shit aint random, its got mad kicks and low freq fundamental content
so its worse than the IEC pink noise that reliability testing is done with
jet mfkn engine

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blackmoon: no
i guess there are a few older generators that have amazing THD+N
i guess that guy ended up start Audio Precision
er guy that designed them
damn i should go back to sleep
anyway, soundcards are okay
THD on most function generators is visible and audible, so its around 1%
so even if the soundcard is marginal performance, its prob better
the way to prob do it, for audio, is to have a controller pushing a 24b/192KHz audio codec
ten points at 20KHz is pretty high res

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fuck function generators
they all have horrible THD+N, even the tek ones we have
we need them, but the harmonic content causes issues
yeah or get an RF signal generator
RF signal gens = awesome, $$$
fuck RF

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some CEO just got resigned because i didn't heat up my lasagna

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its not a static thing
it changes
either through new legislation, or by more detailed definitions set by court presedents
it cant be static
we proven as much
we just not that smart
pretyty sure im breaking lots
im eating cold lasagna
surely this is impeding the rights of someone else
they had to make $1.1B
so since they had to, all planning was based on $1.1B, since $1.0B was not a possibility because they do what they have to do

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no one can
thats why they have books
medical school is the same way

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