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i just show up at my grandmas or my aunts house
i dont do shit

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fridge lights

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how can she slap
isnt that shit basically potted in plastic like an IC die?
like a little PCB chip
if the bonding wires are broken youre fucked

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yay @ keyboard clit
+ touchpad
+ 5 clicker buttons
thinkpad #1

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hahaha @ struggling for middle click

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and its a bitch to heat all the pins at once with an iron
and hot air sucks because of the tab and/or any copper planes
yeah metcal with the flat shovel tips are great
thats kind of sad
gesture: slide up down up down up down up down

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welcome to the mid 90s, wtf
nothing its just whats playing on the audio streamer player thing
for salvage or replacing?
anyway, just flood and pull out
i know im saying are you replacing or recovering
yeah dont take solder away add more
yeah heat all three pins as on solder blob and pull out
then clean up with sucker/wick
if youre just replacing, cut it off the pins and remove one at a time
for future reference
yeah the last of the saolder will still stick the pin to the trough hole

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haha @ menu bar spans all monitors
thats even worse =(
should have multiple menubars
can you put windows or lunix on it?
but its 2012

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you can get an 8x8
but thats enough for a triamp + processed through
would be neat to put that in a 1U rack with XLR IO and USB on the rear panel
so youre saying its normal, or extremely choppy?

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for driving buzzers?
but yeah thats neat
i think timecock just needs a smaller base resistor
kinda want ($300)

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whats wrong with a transistor
why not
what do you need to do
youre a retard
im not going to help you go learn
you already learned about this
apparently not
wtf is cheaper than sot23 3904!?
base resistor
you have to much
because its 45ohm rdson?
save money on LED resistors just use Rds-on!
you need more base current
and its cheaper?

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timecop_: anything that starts with 1n or 2n is like 100 years old and cheap
how many voltage!?
that is a lot of voltages

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haha @ pinout.jpg = rework directions

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i kinda like it
and it said somewhere theres a thermosetting resin involved or some shit
so theyre coated
they prob sound a lot like paper

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you hve to wonder if they tried water before they tried sake
From a sound-quality perspective, this unique design delivers mixed results that will likely satisfy only a select group of mature buyers--namely those who want to say, "Check out those sake-soaked wood drivers."

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broadcast stuff is supposedly $$$
they soak the wood in sake
higher sensitivity, its light and rigid
less low end for a given motor size
they seem proud of this story

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they have red ones too
why is he selling them for $50
so this poking around im pretty happy about getting new monitors for $75 each
if mitsubishi made subwoofers...

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if i buy one used i prob have to pay shipping too
yeah lots of that stuff
huntington beach stuff

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your making me hungry
like, for more than just taquitos from the toaster oven
rab: how much for krk 10s?

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comes in a tin
thats kinda cool

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rab: stanton engineering is mostly ex line6 employees, and modeling amps are like the new big thing in <$500 amps
you want to make 1000 of something?
you know, for your guitar

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see thats what happens when you lay off me and other hacker
now other hacker has to fix it all
does gibson makes amps?
haha no but they have a line of consumer electronic cables

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if you want them to go shopping, i hope this isnt a hobby...
omg rab did i already paste the news?
'Now Gibson, who has come out of left field according to insiders' insiders are uninformed

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its a noun and a verb!
thats fine
itll setup the space and trace sizes, and via and soldermask and minimum distance options
its probably a PLC or something
BOM should just be a spreadsheet with part numbers and the ID on the PCB (reference designator)
so they can check what you send them or go shopping

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you need gerbers, excellon drill, and BOM for PCBA quote
for the build they might want pick and place file
drill file, they usually wont take a drill drawing
you dont need to have a working design
you can just put a bunch of parts on a PCB with the number of holes you want, the estimated size of the pcb
right so take a guess at how big it will be, how many mount holes, what TH parts youll use
size and drills are probably the most expensive part
on standard two layer board
just throw it onto a pcb design, you dont even need to route anything
learn how to CAM out the gerbers and drill files (theres bunch of tutorials for eagle)
and send them in a zip and tell them how many you want
they will probably like DO YOU LIKE COLORS!? DO YOU WANT IT FAST!?

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i need a sub
how lame would it be if i just went and bought one...
hey monitors are hard!
woofers are expensive when youre not buying 1000
rab: i would prob just use the cab and woofer
or actually i could prob take it to other hacker he fixed a bunch of those for the service tech
synth: ourpcb will quote pcba
no they sleep
msn and skype will actually log off

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well you could just replace parts and have them blow up again and then what
what if it was just a broken trace
yeah if you want to restore some shit go for it
cheapest parts now will be way better than high end stuff from 50 years ago
haha cool
switches and caps and giant fucking resistors

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you have to know EE stuff to repair at a component level
you dont have to know everything, but you cant do it without the basics
short of replacing stuff that looks burnt
which works most of the time
yeah i started doing this shit and its like, everything was everywhere
every semicorp w/ every datasheet and every app note and like, realtime pricing and inventory from multiple distributorsa
like how the fuck did electronics happen 30 years ago
my older ee friend is like, databooks
im like, what
hes like, books with all the datasheets
im like, what
_foo: brute force/shotgun approach only works well when you have all the parts lying around

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you can test a part and its dead, right? so you replace it and assume its okay now
check the other part, its dead so you replace it, so now shit should work because both are assumed good
but like, the dead second part killed you new first part
blindly replacing shit is kind of last resort stuff, and if youre on a schedule, its usually better to just replace everything
isolate the failing section of the circuit and shotgun it, swap everything before powering up

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hes fixing stuff not cannabalizing it
even if the proc is dead, it was prob because the psu did something stupid
or it has no esd protection and someone zapped it
this is the theme at work lately
its not what you replace
its the order you replace shit in
yeah visual inspection #1

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but if theres a relay or switches or pots, make sure theyre doing what theyre supposed to be doing
heh, big ones
power supply parts are expensive, its where engineers try and get by with as little as possible
so shit might work fine until ambient goes over 40C and then everything is out of spec

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foocraft: like, consumer or prototype stuff?
er, _foo
then electro-mechanicals, if they have anything to do with the failing circuit
then yeah what rab says

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but the A/B amp might suck a few watts sitting there, and then theres all the frontend electronics and whatever leds or LCDs and if theres any microcontroller or dsp shit on could be 10W just in that
clock radio will prob be way less
there wasnt laws regarding power efficiency until a couple years ago
and since audio receivers and subwoofers use up to like 1000W of power, whats 10W just sitting there
sec i have a sony dream machine!
it says 5w
and thats prob with the alarm blaring
thats not green
your xmas tradition is killing polar bears

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you should turn shit off, its better for power supply components and lcd/vfd display stuff
how old is it?
does it go into a standby mode?
if its made in the last few years and has a standby mode, it cant be more then a couple watts
less if it doesnt have a standby indicator
if its older than that, it could be like 50W
just sitting there
its prob more like 10W

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if its not class-a youre fine
if you dont know if its class-a or not, it isnt
well, youll see an average
thats happened to my earbuds before
its prob a chipamp

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yeah i didnt think you meant a girl
no one grows up
some people just have kids and have to fake it

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i think the app circuits in the 34063 datasheets all use npn ext switches?
not sure how well theyll drive a fet, doesnt sink and source
rab: most of the good pricing is in fucked packages
is the other reason i dont pay so much attention to stuff we use at work
its like, if youre willing to use some shit that doesnt have pins, theres a billion options

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ext fet for 200mA?
well maybe depends on Vin i guess
rab: i never remember the stuff from work because it always seems expensive =\
seen a bunch of nat semi simple switcher stuff
rab: probably if it matters
yeah have not done anything with charger ic, just fuel gauge ic

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maybe $1900 is way more where you live
i dont even think thats 4000W worth of lighting, which isnt a huge grow
kevtris: + dirt and/or heavy metal solutions

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i hate linkin park
whoever produced them tho is awesome, i love their tone
very confusing for my ears
rab: you think they give a shit if you pay your bill?
people dont get in trouble for using power
they get in trouble for stealing power
well thats texas
its like, illegal there
of course not

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im sure there are
theres way too much money in that for there not to be
its sequenced rock/hiphop style beats and tempo, w/ harder bass than anything popular music has offered so far
like, it really seems like this intentional thing to get kids involved so sound system culture doesnt just die
these people party too much to be organized enough to setup merchandising

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but yeah skrillex and flux pavillion look like cartoons
you could make plush toys of them and sell dubstep to 2 year olds
its techy sounding
so you could divide up all the basic music genres that way too
some shit sounds tech, some sounds all bubble gum candy rave

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also, in electronic music culture, artists perform to make money
and releases are mostly to support their tours
which is how it should be
performing once and trying to sell that $1M times to make people rich is a marketing culture thing
i wont talk to much shit about skrillex
er, didnt mean to dollar sign
blackmoon: haha
teknique: scary monsters and nice sprites basically defined 2010
its a decent track
and he got people to pay attention
has made several albums
they mostly sound the same
not much of it
anyway the kids and attention can be annoying
but its funny how coworkers kids are all listening to the music ive been into for like a decade+

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anyway its all about the live sets
tracks are just raw material
the art is in 60m to 8 hour streams of continous music
well yeah that happens more lately
its been noted, a lot of dj's, even ones known to have mixing skills, will just play tracks
blend intro to outro or just hard cut
but in the last year or so mixing has been coming back
sculptor: youre basically old
you are no different than people hearing an electric guitar and going HOLY SHIT THATS SOME DEVIL NOISE THATS NOT MUSIC
actually thats performance art, for sure
find the right gallery and your selling signed pics of your e-string sliced dick for $100s easy

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theres a drumsound and bassline smith dnb remix that slides into drumstep for a few bars
dubstep to dnb transition ^
drum and bass into drum step ^
same tempo but way less dense, so the bass kinda comes to the front
pisses me off they only do about 20 sec of drumstep in that track
sculptor: thats like saying a guitar could generate rock music
a guitar is just a chunk of wood with some wire and magnets
doesnt do shit by itself
no exactly the same
same with any music
a computer could design a ro0ck music song
that could be played by session musicians or sequenced
sculptor: intro verse chorus verse chorus bridge verse verse chorus fade
thats like prob 80% of rock n roll
almost all popular music is 3-4 minutes

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yeah the drivetrain is prob fine
its a kick on the first beat and snare on the third
not neccessarily
dj fresh doing it right ^
letting the bass drone
theres no wubwubwub in that but its def dubstep
most of the good dubstep is drum n bass producers
the other side of it is mostly house producers
this turns into drum n bass like 3min in

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pretty much everything mixed live is 4/4
rab: its kind of split by bpm
if you want to look for the rigid line between genres
like, theres dubstep/breaks/house/trance
which is like 130-170bpm
and dnb/hardcore/drumstep, at like 170-200bpm

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heh, promotor types trying to just rebrand it all as 'bass music'
so we all get along and everyone makes more money
last year or so, you hear a lot of other bass music styles thrown into a dj set
most of it can
if its 170-190 bpm and has deep bass, its drum n bass
drumstep is only a new genre because dubstep became popular, but half step beats in jungle/dnb have existed for more than a decade, easily

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its a lot of the same producers, same scene
before dubstep was big enough to get their own areas at massives, they used to be in the drum n bass area
hardcore has been coming back
hardcore is like hard liquor tho, i cant be have so much
rab: mostly i have a problem with the tempo
heh and the kids are annoying
i like drumstep (dubstep beats at dnb speed, usually a hat or something hammering at 360bpm)

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rab: macegr posted this at me like a couple months ago
i dont mind tho, because that guy prob doesnt even know what drum n bass is
and theres at least two categories, liquid sunday-morning hipster shit, and the hard shit
least the hard shit i can deal with in 10 min spurts

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