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kinda normal?

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iunno, lots of stuff
in pee
im told

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hmm no shit
timecop_: i know someone works with that stuff
and pee
i think its EOL btw
its a light detector
with filters
oh if its just to fuck with
because youll have to recalibrate it
to proto with
tho i dont even get one when im fucking with shit
sometimes you blow shit up
make a pee detector

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it caused stock car racing is what it caused
so obviously its a bad thing
it was drug dealers
well, moonshiners
to outrun cops on highways
so you have all these drug dealers sitting around with fast cars...
shit i mean the story tells itself from this point
i need a sub

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ya wtf
$$$ in private prisons

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If America were really infected with a .terrorist threat,. a terrorist would merely get in the massive lines awaiting to clear airport .security. and set off his bomb.
this guys funny

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google seems to be okay with wave machine

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designed rework for those
haha there is this old hiphop club, like a summer bbq and sangria thing, the old venue had those and cva-28
i kept expecting them to melt
they didnt break down tho, was neat
danielson: sometimes
those grills are ugly as fuck, but theyre cast aluminum with the speakers rear mounted

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engineering at that depth probably kills behringers business model
i still consider buying their DSP crossover
and the EQ/analyser/correction box
good opamps and dacs in those, and theyve fixed a lot of the manufacturing issues
the xover is 1/3 the price of the next thing
pretty much
theyre known good circuits
we pulled our firmware off their delay pedal
like, it checksummed
i have this sick respect for them

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designed some rework for that guy
and then reworked like 50 of them, bitch to disassemble =\
its usually competition
haha, like behringer is sueing peavey because they took one of peavies products to a electro-magnetic compliance lab and it failed
which is funny, because usually behringer is the one getting sued
which very well might be the truth
fixing designs for emc compliance is a huge dev cost
troubleshooting and solutions are never straightforward

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what like drivers?
its machines and cast bits and then people glue that shit together on an assembly line
heh @ design
cerwin-vega xls, was lead tech on those, has my passive crossover PCB
worked on those, mostly power testing and measurements
kinda, they had china copy it and redo it because i put CHATSWORTH, CA in the silk
passive, single sided, easy
comes from CHINA
yeah, guess it would have been breaking trade laws if they put it into production like that
no i just put chatsworth, ca
if i put designed in chatsworth, ca, it would have been legal
dont care really

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but yeah if the salesguy is confused, just tell him to talk to his manager
they have to price match their online prices
i work with speakers and the paiur i have is kinda shit
so i was like fuckit
i gotta make a sub now
not quite, this aint a strip club
(i can expense those, heh)

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i got that to plug into my pc
call and ask
they prob just have demo/floor models in inventory, but those things have a way of walking off
ask them if they can check for them physically, else theyll just look in the computer
and print out the web page
haha do a search for BX5a on GC, and on the search page theyre listed as $300
theyre only $150 when you click to the product page

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danielson: call around tomorrow if you want some
not really
i own a bass guitar and usb-midi controllers
im not tone deaf
21:13 <@renesis> i just got HOSA miniplug to RCA and some RCA to TS adapters
21:13 <@renesis> i just got HOSA miniplug to RCA and some RCA to TS adapters
sorry my right double clicks
you know what a TRS cable is?
tip ring sleeve, balanced/stereo 1/4" plugs
TS is tip sleeve, mono/unbalanced cable, like a guitar cable
cable company
we have a deal with them at work so we have tons of hosa cable
so its funny to see the shit rebranded and marked up at GC
but if you plug a TS cable into a balanced input, it grounds out the negative side

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guys guys
clearance pricing, if they have em at a local GC theyll prob be floor/demo units
but theyll price match
heh, avid told sam ash to give them all back
but i guess GC didnt have enough that they cared
theyre a lot warmer than i thought they would be
so im pretty happy
theyre comparable
timecop_: all analog
my work project has zeroer zeros tho
i just got HOSA miniplug to RCA and some RCA to TS adapters
heh @ GC's cables being rebranded hosa
they still say hosa on the plugs
its the same price as their passive crossover monitors
AV40, hehe the ones where i designed a competitive product for CV
active monitors with passive crossovers =( =( =(

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bastard oxygen

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no special catfoods for kitties with kidney disease
and IV fluids
for sickcat

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so they fixed it
that statement is ambiguous
you didnt say if it always had it or they added it
i have to go buy catfood

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if you dont want to see layers, you turn them off
otherwise it should be in your face
PADS is kind of annoying to adjust layer visibility
and routing is clunking, like the literal drawing of traces

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timecop_: similar bitching about dicktrace
why cant i see the bottom layer when im routing the top layer
or have they added transparent layers

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