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most audio gear is carbon, but expensive shit like console mixers will use plastic
i have conductive plastic on my jazz bass, no more scratchy sounds
motorized faders?
macegr: cops went home

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i dont think theyll block offset
im not sure thats the other way to configure class-h
not sure what you mean
but yeah you need way more output transistors, too
class-g i guess you need fets for the rail switching, but theyre used in saturation
anyway QSC has schematics of their class-h stuff online
meh @ tubes
yeah prob best
if you <3 it buy plastic pots
conductive plastic
instead of carbon
more reliable, usually better precision available
well theyre more $$$

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class-h is weird
its a bit more efficient, i dont think it has as good THD at higher frequencies
no class-g is pretty straight forward
its just an AB amp with multiple rails
signal on a comparator triggers FETs which switch higher voltage onto the output section
series diodes basically turn the lower voltage rail off
class-h is weird
like, it pulls on seperate windings of a transformer
and then the transformer will be center tapped *through* the speaker
and there is coupling caps on the rails to the other side of the speaker to complete the ac current loop
theres maybe other ways to do it
but the shit is a serious hack

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they all sound kind of okay but you turn them up and they all sound total shit except the QSC
theres seperate filters for feedback and output usually, maybe was the problem on those systems
anyway audio is a waste of energy by any practical definition, anyway
class-G is pretty neat
class-g is like 70-80% efficient, class-ab output
class-a is silly!
but its an AB output section
well, you could do class-A
no reason you couldnt

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class-d is fine for low freq
for PA shit its fine full spectrum
QSC K12 is two 500W class-d modules
it only uses like 10W of the high frequency amp, but theyre both 500W
1mhz wont do anything
K12 sounds good
for a plastic speaker bucket
compared to everything else, yeah
hey i dont make the rules
but yeah it has a lot of DSP tricks
when you turn it up itll compress and do dynamic EQ/limiter stuff
but both companies ive been at, same thing, put the mackies, the JBL, and whatever, and the QSC side by side

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reservoir dogs style

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i dont want to go to traffic school
does it twist well?

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silicone insulated wire?
should be

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you almost said tits!
you are overthinking this

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it doesnt work
thats why SATA happened

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i have a 25 load bottle that i refill

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macegr: now they have 85 loads of super concentrate laundry detergent in a refill bag

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fresh light roast ftmfw
all i have right now is the fallback ground coffee
some costco organic shit i havent used in like a year
i got this tho
with 8lb sampler! its half as much when you buy with popper!
my rite-aid mini air popper is slightly melting on the lid =(

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like urmom!

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rab: sealed speakers ftw
korea hotel vending machine had these little canned espressos

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09:20 <@Rab> And really, our understanding of audio reproduction was probably complete by the end of the '40s.
biggest source of distortion in a decent system will always be the transducers
speaker science is somewhat new, was significant development through the 60s at least

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rab: my friend has that preamp too!

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my friend works on those
he has a couple of them right now

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