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need to reup on socks

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why they are open 24 hours
no rush

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like i would be doing the fries doggy style
im going to get subway
im going to get chips AND cookie
thansgiving subway
thats happened to me twice already
would have been three times but i was asleep all afternoon
you needed 2x turkey
becaus eit only covers like half
wrapped suggests, like, wrapped
ok getting subway bbl
i want to cook boneless turkey breasts next year

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yeah i think there is bugs in the open now checkbox because the details page says it closes at midnight
i thought i was going to have pie, wtf
oh dennys is open
there is an awesome thai food til 3am place like 10 miles away
im going to ask for that
and when they say, do you mean animal style?
im going to say, no
heh someone mentioned mojo potatoes last night
so when i woke up i went to shakeys buffet =\
i was thinking the opposite

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they need an unstaffed 24 hour market with self checkout and laser turret enforcement
what pisses me off about yelp is if you want to use filters you have to search for shit
you cant like, click resteraunts and start narrowing shit down with clickers and checkboxes
heh the cheesecake factory is open 24 hours wtf

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im hungry
im gonna call this place see if theyre open
subway and del taco and jack in the box and yoshinoya are 24 hour
markets arent open 24 hours here anymore
too expensive
dmv isnt open on odd weekends anymore either
i dont want to eat at a bar either

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i dont think i could live in europe
you smoke weed wrong
you either spliff that shit or you get this awful overprocessed hash
also its probably even more illegal
im not american im californian
americans come here and ruin everything too =(

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theyre all sleeping
theres a stoner taco truck that does french fries in burritos
but its in hollywood
valley goes to sleep earluy
california > *
end of the world
sounds crappy
hey we drive pretty good
in LA
80mph+ average speed ftw
use hi beams, people move
if you cant because your mini is too small you obviously waited too long

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yelp needs a feature where i search for some shit and it like, makes it happen irl
like, review search engine
well, review site with decent search is prob more accurate
it has an open now checkbox!
there is totally this italian place with awesome pizza and pasta
but not much past 2am
i need to go shopping

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if i dont get a prelude i want an i6 engine
so maybe another volvo \o/
or jeep or bmw
it would be a chinese airbag
probably the little one
i dont like cherokees
i kind of wouldnt mind an older tacoma but im kind of thick of thumpy i4 engines
sick of

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prob between 10 and 20 days
i prob get rid of it
besides i wouldnt let you
convertibles suck
one that wants a cheap car that does die, probably
i rabbed
ive had the failvo like two years, 40k miles, its the same car
maybe sell it to the guy i bought it from for a few hundred
pretty sure hell do it, and i dont have to dick around selling it to a provate party

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yeah what does the freeway clover interchange symbol mean anyway
using siri to play scary monsters
`nico: oh that makes sense

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you have to do usb drive twice tho
i know you know
im just saying because like, it makes me sad
the solution is to throw away the macbook
because it will make a good noise
pls2take vids
i think that was their first ios update!
Changelog: Invalidate product release battery life specification.
how does you macbook operate without apple key?!

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I ask this question because now I don't have enough device to make that experiment. I ask this question because now I don't have enough device to make that experiment.
nice he blew up the cap
also i need a new mouse
or some reg entry for right click holdoff
should prob take apart the mouse maybe its something stupid
macegr: yeah i was thinking i just skip the first step
omg coffee didnt ship on friday

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damn i almost want to know how that turned out
forum post
`nico: damn thread turned against him

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but i need to get in the car
i cant find remote start miswire videos =(
heh nm found them
bent his door backwards *and* hit the other car

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ok guess that makes sense
non-riced or prericed hondas are worth $$$ now
but yeah i dont think the volvo drivetrain will die anytime soon
all the electronics slowly disintegrating gets annoying
and the trim stuff breaking
little seatbelt spool cover cracked and now keeps the seatbelt from sucking up
stupid volvo
and yeah the seal around the drivers door ripped off
and also the window cant be completely closed from inside the car
gets cold

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one of the techs just got a mini
i think im going to get a prelude
i found out the base is the same as the type SH prelude, except for the active limited slip unit
which i dont care about and am even slightly afraid of in terms of reliability
so yeah i can get one for like $6000 instead of $8000
uglier with less motor
if they released the prelude design today it would look modern
naw im parking in hollywood anbd downtown too much
last one?
auto or manual?

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were used to 8 lanes wide where you do whatever you want
it can be a problem
i never tailgate
and i speed like a mfkr
flash with lights

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ac-130u: function generators are never good =(
well you need up to 30MHz so i dont have a suggestion so much
look into dds synth stuff
maybe there are chips you can load with your own wave tables
analog function generators are trash, around 1% THD, its sad

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