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rerouter: cut the brush bristles shorter and make sure its 99% alc

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omg moar breaking bad
almost none left tho =(

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brostep = dubstep show with almost no girls
most of the track lyric samples graphically describe doing things to girls
brostep = bad for laptop speakers
well, just bad, really

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just make sure the noise doesnt exceed the TC amp or the ADC rails
and then just filter the fuck out of it
its prob 60hz noise, so you need to tune the filter low to have it attenuate usefully
the tradeoff is measurement latency
right across the TC
yeah you can play with that i dont know if itll do anything to the accuracy of the tc
prob fine if its a low leakage cap
yeah thats fine then
guys it says my order is going to be ready in 15 minutes!

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no i gave the borgore flyer back
i am ordering wingstop online
oh no, 51s elapsed and order status is unknown
that prob isnt going to do shit if you have noise/hum problems
make an RC filter and set it to like 1Hz

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i need fewds

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holy fuck what is going on there
img, pipes, box

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heh @ nanotube and aerogel

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