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pee on the wall insulation
1.1V at 1A probably
thats what im saying
you would have to make the walls like, doors
anyway bbl
because we live in california
well, i do at least
are you the epa or what

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like .7V
well hes got two fans now
how is it 4w?
if he drops 6v, itll be prob like half the current
be like 1W
anyway if he needs a fan theres prob way more than 1W hes dealing with
anyway, get bigger slower quieter better fans
your fan sucks
its too skinny and not enough diameter
i usually test for temp with spit on my finger
calibrated 100C sensor
i could just use a drop off pee on the tip
why even gets my nuts involved
pee is waste
thats why
tho we should harvest the heat from it

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you need a handful of 1A diodes
when i thought he had the fans stacked?
truly i was to try that out
i think it will make a noise =\
send invoice i think
and theres like, clickies
theyve prob changed ebay like 15 times since ive sold anything, tho
narcarsis: seriously, handful of 1A diodes
i think you can figure out everything else
use them one at a time
until its the speed you want
the line on the diode means something
you have to learn this by yourself
you prob need like 3 or 5

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or put them in series
okay now youre just being a dick
LM317 and even more diodes
also mfkr resistors
also caps
i got it
take one fan and mount it to the other fan
i want to try this backwards fan thing
fine control of fan speed by stacking multiple opposite facing fans

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well if they were badass they would do a switching I reg
but theyre not badass theyre chinese
i dont understand
probably in parallel
well that would take parts
look if i tell you this you have to promise not to lick the fan
put the + on 12V and the - on 7V
obviously i mean 5
oh this is not a computer machine
ok, use medium-fat diodes

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why are you speaking like shatner
you wish
well you unloaded it
their speeds will aproach each other
i think so
and i jack a nothe fan onto it
thats how i interpreted that but i guess that was kind of a loose assumption
fuck im supposed to go pick someone up but now im all curious
mine was a pot
actually, i had a thermaltake that was a pot and another that was slide switches and diodes

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350W/3000rpm seems like a lot
defender, yay
thats like 10 gpm
like 2/3 quart/second
that doesnt seem too nuts

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i have a submerible pump i could try it with
but yeah if i were making that shit, fuck seals
seals fail
more than bearings
woah cool

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heh, i dont pay for water here

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so my hippy friendgirl want to put generators inside her pipes
i told her she could do a turbine with magnets in a plastic section of pipe wrapped with wire
but it prob doesnt make so much power, and water pressure would go down
but now i kind of want to test it
all my places in the valley have like, excessive water pressure
As little as 100 gallons per minute (GPM) falling 10 feet through a pipe or 5 gallons per minute falling 200 feet through a pipe can supply enough power to comfortably run a small household.

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timecop_: wtf
CPU is square wave gens and modem is a square LFO
oh he says so in the description

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