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i want to be able to change the wavetable, dont want it to be external and i want the mcu to do all the user io shit too
also i want to interface high end codecs
24b stuff

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you can multiply values by 2^(8*n) and just ignore bytes to get back
better to multiply the inverse than try and divide anything, when it costs one, maybe two cycles
honestly for my shit it prob doesnt matter
but for tight shit, being able to maybe make your code like 7 times faster is prob a good thing
its basically a DDS signal generator at 96KHz with another pin on a compare timer
connected to a strobe
slow motion strobe
standard audio shit

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Barrel shifters
sorry had to
14 cycles
thats not bad
thats not awesome tho
but look at this:
multiply, float, 1 cycle

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damn so i guess i have to find a cortex-m4 datasheet
because what if i can go even faster danielson
i dont know im trying to find out
if you have to wait for it for many cycles, maybe not
Single precision floating point unit
IEEE 754 compliant
guys what does that mean
4 parallel 8-bit adds or subtracts
2 parallel 16-bit adds or subtracts
Instructions execute in a single cycle
they are bragging about adds and subtracts
i really dont think long divide/multiplies will happen super instantly

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so i dont know how fast divides execute
and you need to divide for the DDS stuff
its prob not faster than ignoring bytes tho
by doing nothing is really fast

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divide by 255 might actually be a 255 cycle operation?
divide by 256 is sometimes a single cycle
yeah but theoretically you could unroll the loop
i dont even mean with variable input, just working with constants
oh damn i guess it has to check, so least 500 instructions
versus one
no but what if you do i/255
im assuming i/256 itll just ignore the lower byte

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or you could do (10*26)/256
so alot of times ive done this, im pulling log values from a lookup table
so you maybe have 100 values that are *2^16
and then you use a hardware multiply or add or whatever you want to do
then just ignore the low two bytes
its wicked fast and very predictable with timing
stm32 might be fast enough to do what i want without that
but if i can do fixed and use a cheaper one and still have mad left over cycles, dumb not to do that
wtf divide
do not divide
unless its by 2^n
and you confirm the compiler is shifting and ignoring bytes and shit
i think it is divide, no?

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multiply them by 256*n for finer resolution
then just ignore the low bytes
say i wanted to multiple something by .01
multiply that shit times 256 and use that to do the math
then later you ignore the low byte
or low bytes
no say i want to do 10 * 0.1
i would multiply 2560 * 26
then later you ignore two bytes

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danielson: no i want to do division with byte and bit shifts
so i have to see if the compiler is smart enough to do int maths like that if i divide by 2^n constants
or if its dumb
and i have to literally do it with byte shifts and keep track of that shit
well what if it takes long
yeah i want to like do math with shit justified * 2^8 and then just ignore low bytes
and similar such shit
why not
no i want to take ints

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i want to figure out how to do floating point stuff in c
fixed point
i dont think floating point is going to be consistent enough for what i want to do
the timing

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well typically you try and make money on the expensive shit that people want
hey those are nice
we had a couple at exjob
oh maybe we had that
it had ice and a 2 and did jtag and cost hundreds of dollars
and it was blue
maybe purple
i would suspect my memory more

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maybe drink some
junglists are kind of the reggae potheads of the scene
a lot more camo, a lot less glowsticks
and wtf alone
well, no i guess i do smoke a lot of weed and listen to jungle/dnb alone
but yeah this music will actually make me go out and deal with people
like, all the fucking time
like a junkie
rock doesnt seem to be doing it for me as much
i did go to portishead tho
<3 <3 <3

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flux pavillion played the big stage instead of dubstep/dnb area at whatever massive he was at this summer
he played drum n bass at the house peoples
it is
house predates raves tho, its basically electronic disco
no i just smoke a lot of weed

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like how do you listen to country for two days
you would
you listen to house
at least happy hardcore is fast
its basically country
its really popular and girls like it and it sucks
what does that mean
basically, there is house with jungle bass and samples (most of the dubstep/house producer/dj play this stuff), and then all the other house
yeah but in that moment, it isnt house
its breaks or dubstep
or if theyre nuts theyll throw in some dnb/drumstep

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pendulum id pay money for
but usually when there are here, there is some festival has like 10 dnb acts for less money
feed me was an okay set, id prob enjoy deadmau5 less
scroll to vid link
macegr: most of my friends are into house
alot of junglists are, i can see headliner house acts on like 100KW sound systems when i go to massives
and yeah its basically tits
i cant listen to disco for tits
my friends wife made him go to stagecoach this yeah (cowboy coachella)
i couldnt do it

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`nico: dieselboy tomorrow
tiny venue too
she could be regular, macegr is tall
yeah fuck that i dont like disco
maybe she would like hardcore
i can only deal with it for like 10min or so but i really like it!
but all the old school hardcore heads looked like metalheads
always hanging off speakers and stuff
stop headbanging while grabbing the speakers youre going to kill everyones

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i think he has had dropbox stuff for a long time?
omg macegr opening your video just made the music skip
how big is that?
no i meant the size of the black fuzzy wreath thing
wait wat
oh shit those are SB, i thought they were the bigger ones
how come you are taking you gf to house shows but not to drum n bass
thats not cool

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it cant deal with like the whole droning bass section
but it doesnt die, i respect that
pay them money?
danielson: hit the hammer button
upload build
yeah iunno
upload, not build
`nico: also fuck yeah @ 25:00

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they want to organize another jam
im like, oh yeah play some super dynamic music for 4 minutes, take a 5 minute break, repeate for 90 minutes, give up go home
yeah thats going stress them out
`nico: haha fuck yeah at 20:00
anyway, i can already send the psu into overcurrent protect with black sun empire - arrakis
it comes back and just shuts down again

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heh ^
hmm i think that site is broken
`nico: going to try and blow out some work protos with dnb sets
this already sounds hard enough

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`nico: negative
lots of ak1200 awhile ago

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hey man stop trolling me i dont like the dubstep
thats kind of dead, almost no one drops ragga amens anymore
jungle has somewhat been dead since like mid late 90s
because the regular dnb beat kind of happened
actually more people been doing jungle in sets at respect
`nico: youtube has it in bits?
but yeah i <3 that late 90s through mid 00s shit
omfg so tek
and hard broken breaks that were just cut up amens
sec i didnt look hard

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i need a powerpoint guy, huh
wtf wire tranfer, i need this money to come from nowhere
i need a car too
send them back emails
macegr: oh and then go back in time and give myself the money to pay for the machine
banks dont understand about widgets i dont think what the widget is is important
all the people
badass i will doing wedding + heavy machinery shop
with website
see thats the kind of shit im talking about
what do bank people know about that means $$$

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shit man its prob a bad idea to let me talk to beta testers too long
`nico: wat
i dont know how to work my phone thing
i have 20 messages and like 47 unasnwered calls
like send it to another station?
oh shit
like, make my extension front desk girls phone?
everyone calls me on my cell
like, desk is where i write the emails that everyone loves and/or hates
they dont want me by my desk too much!
what is that
so like, how do i get bank to give money for very large machine

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and we were basically like, yeah not enough sry
arrow has done that shit to me
about random ass shit like, yeah we dont have money, we make audio, bye
like we have 6 axis accelerometers in our shit because we found it for .43
tech support
by far
my company, heh
they know better than to let me talk to customers

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`nico: xmas prob up in the air
my guess is few people on the project gonna be doing xmas in .cn
yeah ill let you know if anything is scheduled
hey man
you dont know the details
just because shes hot and she gave up doesnt mean shes dumb
but she is someone who i wouldnt want to work with in a lab
no bitching over more work
only stupid work
danielson: projects never sound difficult when you start, heh
hopefully all of them
i guess ST was trolling work about STM32

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yeah it aint art or social studies
fuck man past midnight programming a soda machine sounds sexy as fuck
work gets mad at me when i work too much =(
i thought maybe because old techs were lazy
turns out it was because they were working them to death
theyre going to try and negotiate a lower hourly rate for my travel time
like, weekends and nights
im going to tell them ill do it if they admit its not fair
theyre not paying me for the time it takes me to get ready and pack

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bachman is way smarter
god thats so, so bad
palin was genuinely stupid
she was like alaska trophy governor
she seriously talks to her crowd like theyre kindergartners

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aerith_gx: watch the daily show whith condoleeze rice
she talks about it, its weird
she was on recently
that ep

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oh i seen this snl
michelle looks more like the predator than condoleeza did
that was creepy
it was
when she was talking about it

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like, somehow the media is saying obama has no chance
but the GOPs front runner is a pizza guy who calls himself black walnut who sexually harasses lots of women
and then hell get real nuts
hes done nothing blatantly wrong
if they call him out on TARP shit he can always say like, uh guys that was a bush plan
and no one can say that it wouldnt have be worse
its going to be romney vs obama
thats their best chance, and even they dont like him

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i know some people just got engineering jobs where they do manufacturing local
and my exboss is managing local contract manufacturers for his little company
thats good
you do raw parts too, huh?
not like, build up assemblies from imported parts
like actual components. not assemble components into things
a lot of local manufacturing that i know of is local assembly of components which are mostly sourced from asia
yeah thats awesome
actually making shit, not just putting it together
big shit it makes more sense
like if you shit is 10 tons, prob sucks to do QA and have to send 25% back =\
ive worked on designs with chinese engineers and it kind of blows me how they know like, how to design circuits, but dont know basics
like, uh, if you dont know about this, where did that other circuit come from
no shit is that on media?
and yeah GOP lately is like tragic comedy
i dont know who i want to win more

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and we can afford to have wars, occupy the world, and spend on foreign aid?
like, we are raising a working class that has nothing to work on
aside from coopoeration the likes of which i dont feel is realistic given our political system...
the only way we sustain is that we fuck our economy so hard, that $8/hr becomes $.50/hr relative the the world economy
and it makes sense to have work done here again
prob not even for our own consumption
not mass production of general goods
well china is doing good so their workers are get paid more
factories are asking more for contact work
and they get it
or projects die
automation doesnt mean jobs
it doesnt employ enough people
danielson: nice, thats about all ive done
we pay for the shipping
a lot
paying for the warehouses is also fucking us
because you dont have a factory downstairs that you can change directions as the market demands
you order in batches more and pay some company to sit on it while you sort distribution

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people want more deregulation like they thing that will bring jobs back
like, bitch unless you want to work for $2 an hour, we will not get jobs back in traditional industry
well they do it for $.50/hour
but we get fucked hardcore on shippinh and customs logistics
but were rubbing educations face in the dirt
suffocating it in the mud and shit
and still expecting to be #1
for like literally no other reason that we kicked british ass a couple times
so there is this billboard thats like blah 37% of california high school kids dont graduate blah blah blah
im like, wait wat
that means in some areas, prob like 60+ kids are failing out

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dx^: god i want him back
fuck hillary
well he only bullshitted about sex and drugs
thats a fuckin american
omg there is a part 3

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dx^: whatever that man is comedy
the amazing thing is that the republicans are so unhappy with romney, theyre trying to push that guy and the head pizza dude
clinton was friendly

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^ stuck in my head for months

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that shit cant be in game
id build a pc for that game
omg you can get bant for spamming webdev shit

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