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timecop: cell phones have lower highs and lower lows and distorted mids
er higher lows
0.5" speaker
no i do studio stuff tc
you need $800 blocks of foam
to put speakers on
spend more on foam than speakers

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skype to business phones sounds sooooo much better than from a cell
like you always assume its the shit connection but i think the other half is total shit speakers in phones =(

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theres a doc with an overview of the examples
i think the lib itself is the doc
and the examples

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no i dont think so
that dir is what pops out of the discovery fw zip

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The Traffic Online Services web site is currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance.
=O =O =O
do you have main.c highlighted when you do build project?
maybe this matters
right click on the project in the project explorer
and do like build project there, if not that then i dunno

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bunch of them
do like run > build all
or something
open main.c
but yeah if its already built it, and then you hit debug, itll say that
i dunno

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danielson: no
danielson: wat

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i bet cups are used for wind speed indication *because* theyre lossy
it prob makes them more linear and consistent
each propeller vane (?) is always producing force
also its way easier to change the pitch of the blades
to try and maximize generation vs drag
like how are you going to change the size of the cups
the hinge idea seems neat except for that
haha prob sounds funny too

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speaking of generators
jezus fuck function generators are shit
we have a bunch of tek function gens at work, all spray mad harmononics when you turn them up enough to get away from the noise floor
like, to get decent sinces that dont spread across the spectrum, we have to use $10k audio test boxes
nothing is?
nothing built on a reasonable budget at least
loading might be similar, just on a diff axis
yeah but bearings made for side loading might not handle the thrust force well
are VAWTs the cops?
that just seems lossy
i dont think the loading is as much of an issue as they dont do shit the majority of their rotation

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a Girl with Outstanding Ass and Tits?

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its always that!
the checkbox for hardware flow control
because nothing uses it (dev stuff at least) and im pretty sure thats default
yeah, he mentioned hyperterm tho
wow @ stm32f4 vector table
is almost like staring at tits

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