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ok i was looking for the f4 reference manual
and possibly programming manual
they should make this shit all one manual

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haha thats prob the peripheral that gets used the most where i work

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because it references c looking shit in the doc
right poked through that file already, would prob be helpful
i2s has its own pll (!)
i bet its like that a lot

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macegr: you know that comic all like, you listen to so much dubstep you have categories for it?
do those people listen to house?
before i got smuggled into nero, i was at a buddies house party and they took over his bitchin little tube amp with house music
was my cue to gtfo, world is a sad place
im almost more down with hhc
timecop: was looking for more detailed register descriptions
like, i have a datasheet for f405xx/f407xx, and it just seems to have device summaries and an electrical specs
but mostly, ive been sleeping

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god i dunno how you can listen to that music for hours
especially without drugs
i was eating nero's chinese food to the right of the stage eheheh

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macegr: those led curtains are pretty neat
they like, roll up and stuff, everytime i am behind one i want to take a pic for you but my cam sucks in the dark
but yeah its a trip they will put lights behind them and do light effects through the led vid
anyway that bass is fail

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yeah that sounds shitty
wow there is like almost no timing data for a lot of the peripherals
like, whole table of TBD

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timecop: why didnt you tell me about these things sooner wtf

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hmm wait so like stm32 has i2s w/ dma
wow with its own PLL

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yeah but its not morning here

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i didnt even have to buy that expensive ticket =(
fuck its not the morning?
fuck its not the morning

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dude, cop is pissed off because he is mad outnumbered by junkies, someone else sets off a firecracker, he turns around
and you are there with blinding arms and what looks like a submachine gun
end of macegr
thats cool
i didnt even think of that
i didnt see it
he wouldnt be let into a rave or a day festival like that
guys did i tell you how bad the security sucked at portishead?
i was basically, like, GOTTA PEE, walked right into the back of the venue like 45min early

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damn thats money
dont bring gun things to music festivals
get shot by the local pd
hey at the dnb weekly there was this girl she was like, steampunk samus aran
and she had a steampunk bf
macegr: yeah dont bring that to a festival wtf
way to invest in trash at the door
its something thatll get you shot in the dark

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i guess if you had them all set to red it would be okay
if you were standing by the stage at nero probably no one would have noticed you
macegr has taken his electronic skills and used them to become the ultimate candy raver
next step is robot hands with led fingers
then start programming light shows

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i was guy without a costume
but then you had to listen to house with a little bit of dubstep
heheh nice

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you have a kid
give up at goals

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timecop: beep
so like, if i do a static array in c, itll just end up in the flash no?
im going to assume yes because where else is it going to put it
what do you mean no where will it go
actually yeah thats probably what i meant
teknique: thanks!

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its just free

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