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guys srs why am i up so early

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ad597 is amp output, shouldnt have much impedance

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and i would prob end up changing the 2.2uF cap to 10uF, because who cares about 1sec latency for an oven
what im doing is the same thing, but way worse, on purpose
not only does the 10K have to fill the sample and hold cap, it has to fille the 10uF cap
so its going to have latency
but itll kill 60Hz hum
it makes sense tho
ive never really thought about it
but yeah for normal adc operation id prob do like 100R and 0.01UF anyway

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caps have leakage current, it needs to be low
it doesnt hold =\
its just a low pass filter
it works because at higher frequencies, the resistor keeps the cap from filling up to the voltage on the other side
not enough current, too slow
i dont know what you mean by external signal resistance
because of input capacitance maybe?
the 2.2uF cap in front of it going to gimp it way more than that

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R2 just keeps the trace from being dead, no current, better magnetic interference immunity
no thats not right
the inductor should be in series with the input, and i wouldnt use it
because its a big coil of wire so itll kind of insulate the temp from the TC to the IC
and the temp of the cold side of the TC is what matters, not the temp of the IC which is used for cold junction calculation
it needs to be a very low leakage cap
what r

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ttmustang: http://i.imgur.com/6JEaN.png
load the amp
R2 is optional
you prob want to put R1 and C1 in front of every adc you ever use, forever
R1 and C1 are the RC filter

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if there is hum on the output of the amp, you should be able to see it with a scope
1x mode should work fine
i definitely think you should have a load and an RC at the uC side of the trace
the value for the load and the rolloff of the RC LPF need to be determined
by they should definitely be in the circuit, you can always keep them unstuffed if you dont need them
10K for the load resistance and 8Hz for the LPF is a start

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rab: i got mine with not so much drama
rab: was going to, havent poked it much since i powered it up and played with the factory firmware (mems sensor and leds)
openocd is fucked

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heh neat

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