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like, the shit is taking you somplace
yeah a lot of djs are just kind of playing songs, now
theyre not mixing or getting deep into the EQs or filters
kind of sucks
well dubstep is like, stuck
like, dnb grew out of clownstep wobble basslines 4 years ago
i has to sleep
werq tomorrow

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most places have areas
like at beatdown, they will switch up depending on the headline
they will have a patio with dnb, and dubstep in the main hall
a lot of dnb dj produce dubstep now
so you go to massives, and dubstep will be played by a dnb dj
like, a whole set
because dubstep doesnt get its own area, shares with dnb
that can be annoying
but the good djs can shift between the tempos okay
and a lot of tracks have the transistion, now
so i dont mind dubstep for a few tracks in a jungle/dnb set
but i cant listen to that shit for hours
well right because any good dnb set, like in the old style, is basically narrated soundscapes

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hollywood, the music box
i think its super old, guy who runs insomniac owns part of it now, or something
no thats the bass music thing
its in hollywood
this is shady music with no marketability!
portishead is downtown
thats just what they call it now
its weird they want dnb and dubstep to get along
they even had a show at house of blues like, respect (drum n bass) vs smog (dubstep)
and at the end the dubstep people did dnb sets, and the reverse
and like at the end everybody on stage getting along
cheater_: depends on the event, the djs

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east lot was like, inside the venue, it was the crew lot
no just the venue people
i like venue people and sound systems, i just like walking around when all the shit is lit up
well i didnt wait an hour in line
and i was buying drinks inside before the front gate was open
there is this dnb/dubstep party at this place couple times a month, maybe 2000 person capacity, line will be like 3 blocks long some shows, no bullshit
been there like 5 times, ive only waited in the line once

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i just walked in, multiple times
i started because i wanted to pee and like, i parked at usc, thats not hollywood you cant just pee on their parking lot
but yeah theres wasnt bathroom coordination
they didnt know where they were
fuckers is like STAY TO THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD and theres a bigass line at the end
then he just turns around
so i just walked inside and talked to a couple security about it when there was 30 around
and i dunno after that i was just walking around like whatever
im like wheres the bathroom OUTSIDE guy outside says theyre not outside EAST LOT? okay ill look there

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naw this was way before the band
even the opening band
its like, security and sound/lighting crew and food/drink peoples
but ya its like, i didnt even need to buy the ticket wtf...
im used to actual security
like, get patted down, fools with ticket scanners and bigass thug security at every gap in fence

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fuck yeah.
also haha security sucked, i saw the line was like fuck that, walked in through the back, was kicking it around the stage like 45min before they opened the gates
first person to get an ID wristband, first portishead beer \o/

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didnt see that coming

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