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timecop: inorite

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timecop: it does

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low res?
ttmustang: neat

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so you can RC filter the AD597 output, at the cost of latency
and putting load resistors just puts some current on the traces, less succeptible to EMI
you can add to the circuit and always leave them out when you build them
easier to build without stuff than to rework stuff on later
from ADC input to ground
put it near the adc, keeps the trace from just being dead
yeah thats fine
and then after that right at the input, do an RC
synth: no =(

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you ended up doing it with that many ad597?
could have used relays but it kind of fucks up cold junction compensation
relays are usually $$$
but thats like a $5 chip, i think?
have you tried it?
youre maybe going to want to add load resistors and input RC on the ADC inputs
reading the thermocouples
yeah but reading it
they pick up and amplify noise

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i want this
im going to go make it
neat what does it do
its UI for your corn heater things?

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autoranging sex on the cheap
i think they all do now
they gimp the low models in a family be removing the current meter stuff
and backlights and temp probes
yeah sounds like its aimed more at electrical than electronics
anyway bbl late for lunch

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ttmustang: fuck off!
my guess is its prob some stupid oversight
because rly 90% of the time, it is
make sure your connectors arent reversed in the schematic or something
because its working?
or because you pulled it off and everything else still isnt
yeah you been doing electronics long enough buy yourself a cheapo fluke

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