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ttmustang: your issue is that youre a republican
timecops issues are too many to list
ttmustang: welcome =)

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see the movie pi

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blackmoon: i think the assumption is that its going to be installed in a chassis with active cooling, in a room thats a constant 75F
wow that thing looks way bigger installed
heh, ever see pi?
i dont think you should...

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uC, pfet, done

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shorting and disconnecting = ac

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that ones normal, tho
at least according to the on semi plot for forward voltage vs current

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holy fuck yeah thats too awesome to be affordable

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as long as theyre mounted as close to the center of the car as possible
hub motors are awesome for anime visuals, total shit for unsprung weight
programming the diff could be neat
as much conditional limited slip as possible

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throttle response would prob be complete shit
turbine to batteries to electric motors
and then proceed to burn them out

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