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actually i take that back, some of pattern recognition was boring as fuck
like cayce hitting send/receive button in outlook over and over
macegr: the tech in the difference engine was cool
there just wasnt enough of it

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like i remember tons of cool moments from the sprawl trilogy and burning chrome stories and snow crash
hardly remember anything about virtual light
i remembers random bits from the difference engine but i cant remember wtf they were doing at all
i remember lots from the bruce sterling short stories ive read too
his good shit came off more funny then mind blowing, tho
pattern recognition was cool
i <3 cayce

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thats why its amusing
haha i was at the minibosses show and heard some kid trying to explain steampunk to some other kids
and at some point he mentions it being based on the difference engine
and kinda mentioned it not being that great
okay yeah same thing with bridge trilogy tho
like i know people thought there were cool characters and places in it, and all those same people thought it wasnt that great
all i remember about virtual light was it had a scene in sherman oaks and it predicted the governator

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i should finish the difference engine
honestly tho that shit reads fucked up slow compared to the stuff they didnt write together
the bridge stuff or the difference engine?
the fucked shit about the difference engine is its totally an interesting setting
it wasnt ever built

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id take the sprawl over 1984, over and over again
the only thing awesome in orwells fucked up future was the redhead
these are worth reading?
bridge stuff

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prob lives in a lab and even the cia is afraid to let it fly
but yeah 10 years, corporate power overtaking gov's completely, total disintegration of the middle class, neural interface and cybernetic implant tech, samurai chicks, even more mercs, and giant casino whore houses in outer space...
totally doable
practically unavoidable
compared to big gov in charge, ya kinda

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you think little jets with hacker copilots is in the past?
haha, sometimes i will be like ITS NEAT LIVING IN THE FUTURE
people usually look at me funny
yeah but its not a tiny personal jet with a hacker strapped to its belly!
its still like 10 years off
corps arent so blatant with power and espianage yet
yeah if cybernetics is that advanced, its sure as fuck not public or even criminal underground

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besides introducing my bossguy to drum n bass, i recommended gibson novels to read, and showed him a scene NFO that i found on our net drive
old bossguy knew about drum n bass
he used to go to hardcore shows in the 90s when it was all illegal venues, was underground

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Your first delivery is free - just enter Promo Code: EASY7
at checkout! Your first delivery is free - just enter Promo Code: EASY7
at checkout!
my mouser doubleclicks the right clicker
in failout zooming is shitty when it happens
need to buy newmouse
i dont think in windows you can limit double click holdoff

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since i am not using linux i am learning much less but getting much more done
i might go back to using linux
i used old school gentoo for years so my version of everything was like, wtfnew
things either worked awesome or not so much
i need supermarket that delivers late
for free

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blackmoon: heh @ vid

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