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they dont have dnb in sk =(
it looks like they did for 6mo few years ago
but then there is some facebook promoter spam like YO IM OUT and then i find no dnb in korea references
not if its low impedance and low dcr
at 1mhz?
fuck no, resistance like that is usually an impedance at a spec freq
dcr for that @ 1A shit is prob like >.1R

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monkeyisl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejYI65dyVBI
wasnt for you!
i took the korean guitar factory engineer to drum n bass
naw he thought it was awesome
i had home base ship me some little powered speakers, so i was listening to dnb like the while time i was there
drove the senior vp guy nuts when he would visit
but yeah he had this drum kit app for his iphone
hes a drummer, besides guitarist
and when i took him out he was like, tapping out the drum beats on his iphone

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basically they are you 6 months ago, monkeyisl
fuck that i just drop a bunch of solder on it and pull it off on my iron tip
pots on wires fool

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monkeyisl: for the money eagle hella fast, will pretty much do anything, can do everything via console/scripting
ya, considering it doesnt cost much
wtf 100x more
so far youve named one, maybe two things
pretty sure there are way more eagle designed PCB in the wild than dicktrace
prob by two or three orders of magnitude
so youre argument is not holding so much weight
macegr: have i ever cared?
when you specify the max possible quantity as zero, and its more
way better
my shit doesnt really flicker
and pretty much every cad app does when doing big files
a lot of the problems i had with it originally were fixed

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at pcba?
or getting parts
haha wtfwtf
do you have them do any testing?
monkeyisl: have you used eagle?
so no
also have you used anything that costs real money?
yeah they used to suck at eagle, hopefully they have improved
anyway, ive used eagle, also dicktrace, also ultiboard and pads and orcad and some silly free/gpl shit
what like the usb spec people?
pretty sure
oh you didnt typo org

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i want subcircuits
tc says dicktrace does it but rly i dont even think he knows what it means
i just meant schema level
but yeah that would be cool too
save a schematic/layout, attach to a symbol with io connector symbols
i want dimensioning
i mean, you add like 3 or 4 things to eagle and its basically unstoppable
but the pure CAD UI, like drawing shit, nothing is as awesome as eagle
god pads is fucked up annoying
i get the feeling the philosophy is like, put a trace and leave it
yeah looks nice
solidworks makes really nice dimensioned drawings

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you have to select from menu and i think it tore up traces
no i just havent used it since i used it for you
i think $ fixes that
i think if you $ pin names on symbols itll not display whats after
so you can have a bunch of NC or GND, not like, GND1 GND2 GND3
but i think you meant like multiple pads with the same symbol pin
oh then its @

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and who the fuck pans, zoom out and in with middle, mofo
yeah the console shit is cool
especially for working from mechanical drawings
ive always said dicktrace was better at that
years later you still only have this
cmon your shit is like trolling when you try and rotate groups

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they renamed them
i have top, route2-15, bottom
dicktrace is for kids
eagle is fast as fuck
ducktrace is just windows ui
that aside, its a pretty typical (annoying) CAD UI
i think acad
so its basically industry standard
it rotates if youre doing 3d acad but fuck all that

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um this is efnet
u mad
what do you mean switch
you cant see them all?
so make them invisible
as opposed to imaginary layers?
its all imaginary until you CAM it...
you can see them all
just disable layers and see if shit goes away
or enable them one at a time
wtf which ones
the copper ones, fool
dont make me open up my eagle

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urmom is gonna be cured
k that was mean kinda
well it was mean to paint her with aids
not really to say shes gonna be cured

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yeah and then you get AIDs

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kinda, for work i basically take what engineers do, break it, help fix it
last job was amps up to 5kW
this place is all little chipamps tho, some amp modules, ive done bigger stuff at home
dx^: i dont see it
monkeyisl: http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM61.html#Overview
put 9V battery on it, stick onto DUT, read dmm, ignore decimal and maybe a zero, subtract 60C

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thats more for sticker certification and full systems
sec, ill get you a link for easy to read temp sensors
also, if you want a termocouple setup for high temp ranges look into AD597
$5 chip, but you basically put a capacitor and a thermocouple on it and youre done
linear voltage out, .10mV = 1C, and 0C = 0V
soic8 chip, super easy
can be configured as a thermostat, too
national makes these easy to92 linear voltage out temp sensors
all diff calibrations tho im trying to find the easy to read one

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you want to track ambient temps too
so you can tell if temp variation is just changes is ambient (very easy to see when plotted together)
ac-130u: ideally but if you can track ambient you dont really need to
if youre testing for humidity, yeah
you need environmental chamber
we can do controlled temp on medium size stuff
like rack gear and small amps
we just have an air conditioner and a heater rigged up to a thermocouple based controller
yeah theres an iec spec that was kind of strange
like, it spec'd 20% at lower temps, 40% at higher temps, but like 60% during temp transistions
or something like that, just very high during transistional periods
monkeyisl: dont worry about humidity so much

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you cant do Rth math, so no not really
then multiply by watts
are you doing active or passive cooling?
like, fan or no fan
if youre doing passive, test the fuck out of it
at higher ambient and in direct sunlight
i like overkill passive setups over fans
oh, test in different orientations
and you have to test at least until the temp stabilizes
basically you run it for days because once most everything is saturated, sometimes it creeps like maybe couple C per hour

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i believe kevtris pretty much has the same opinion regarding the internal pullups, if you want another opinion
theyll work, but theyre tolerance is usually shitty and theyre selected with power saving in mind when used with switches

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timecop: higher the pullup resistance, the more susceptible to EMI issues
dont trust resistors over 100K unless you have specific reasons to use them (mostly low power considerations, but a pullup on a high-z input basically uses none)
47K is kinda meh
itll work fine 99% of the time
if theres some sort of mad EMI source near it, its just more likely to fuckup than if a lower value was used
act like its floating
so basically toggle for no reason
basically filling up parasitic capacitances
those will drain out quicker through a lower resistor

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everything does, i dont rely on them
other than for proto stuff
shit can be like 10K to 100K on avr, 100K too much
doubt stm stuff is a ton better
you cant rc internal pullups either

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or a buhtan
change it to RG bicolor
pullup to high and button to gnd is pretty common

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w/ 10k, if you need it during debug for who knows why, you dont have to cut traces or lift pins =)
mfkr you know its for an led of undetermined use

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timecop: you dont need the resistor if youre not going to be driving it
pull up/down is you you can change state of the tied pin
*is so you
like you want to tie reset high, but you want to be able to pull it low with a switch
you know, without shorting out your power supply
if youre just doing it so it doesnt float and freak out on the random, you can just tie it
yeah 10k wont hurt
if its bidirectional/configurable i would 10k it
you prob cant just set it output(low), setting up the spi probably overrides
i would check that for sure, tho
because maybe thats all you have to do
just set it output low to keep it from floating, if you need the space or something

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timecop: on which side?
oh miso input, yeah tie low

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neat i dont have to ban you

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next hes going to ask for the resistor for the collector, then the one for the base
then talk shit about analog even tho its one transistor
morning channel people
well its good you realize that
i think igbt are bjt
all of them
you do because you just said it
stop playing dumb
why cant you just use logic fets
decent answer
do you know how much power 5A and 5V is?

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