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haha wtf
12:48 < Sculptor_> how can a CPU be colder than a MB
12:48 < Sculptor_> how can a CPU be colder than a MB
passive chipset cooling

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that trailer had like 4 bikes plus riders being smashed into by cars
oh haha comment says 6 times

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and usually get whatever on asiago demi
toffee nut cookie is some junkie shit

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monkeyisl: http://fixitnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/ohmspie-450x450.gif
thats like, mostly all of electronics
panera in like an hour
omfg bread!
also cookie
i usually get you pick 2

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default colors and layout
my shit looks exactly the same
there was a theme that was more cyan and a yellow/red one i liked

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aren't you already
and you know ohms law
thats irssi

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i miss being around here more
damn i just looked at clock and almost lunged into my closed front door to get to work
no ill still be pissed and talk shit

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heh use a relay
use little relays theyre quieter
obviously i am
and you dont want to learn ohms law and thermal math?
hopefully before you waste money going overkill or burning shit up

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bullshit you cant even calc power when it stabilizes
well its what you would have to do when you actually built the shit
and thats when you do the sadface math sucks thing
or add fan
or parallel devices and spread them out
math saves time and money
its usually like 5min worth of planning that can save you weeks to months in the prototype phase
we dont know
because we dont know what igbt, what control stuff youre interfacing it with, what youre planning on doing with the layout
i mean its 1khz
i know you said
its just LEDs

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i think its just leds
you dont know what a watt is =(
seriously, like all of electronics is just reworking of like, two formulas
if you dont learn them, youre wasting out times
see youre either being sarcastic or begging now
neither is good for your position
you need to calc watts
the temp rise is characterised in pretty much every datasheet
in C/W
i would find steady state and test

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thats nice, i doubt it
yeah but you cant calc power
how to get
no rush

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timecop: make that guy learn ohms law or no more help when im around
whatever were not designing shit for him
anyway he msg'd to be unbanned
so if he doesn't know how to calc power when he rejoins im banning him again

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no im correcting my statement
you learn to calc power from voltage and current now or you get banned
you have like 2min now =(
you seriously cant google how to calc power from 6A @ 100V and 60A @ 12V
haha do you finger test all the resistors in your design after spinning the PCB?

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what are you saying
monkeyisl what is 100A at 6V in watts
tell me both in 5 minutes or get bant
google will help
this is school
youre going to owe us money when we dont ban you
its 9:55 in california so you have until 10:01
no about say what it is
false, when youre measurements are correct youre not taking into account parasitics and precision of your meter

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fool thats audio hax
just get some bigass resistors
put them on a heatsink with a fan
or yeah something like that
those vishay/dale chassis mount heatsink resistors are awesome for this
tonsofpcs: im talking about the r&d side, not the marketing slash stupid consumer side
and yeah
i dont think monkey means how to handle the load
i think he means how to drive it
depends on voltage
might just be able to use normal fets
no just pwm im guessing
but yeah youre going to want bus bars and shit
active cooling
go to school is how
1khz isnt fast at all
well, normal

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it was the plan
bush on exit lets his policys bring it down, impliments fascist policy which he then hands over to the dem to impliment

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thats good
you get into arguments which at their core disprove all science
basically, that observation and pattern recognition are meaningless
republicans are crooked, so they will win

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and its proof that americans, in general, are retarded and nothing to be proud of associating with
yeah they dont agree on that
the smart ones will argue that its not caused by humans
the dumn ones will just say its not happening
of course both of them have all of science and religion on their side

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weed should be making you cash, not taking it
you did weed wrong
doing well
i dont care anymore
if he does become president its more likely california will break away

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