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hahah they have adventure

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its atari i cant really explain
missile command with a mouse is fun
holy fuck the russians ended me
missile command or yars revenge?
i think this is arcade version shit its hard =\

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heh there is a yars revenge google chrome app
oh shit the fireball can still get you in the safe zone

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if you dont get the wrong fet
anyway adjust R1 when youre building the shit so you get fast turn on/off and dont get a fuck ton of overshoot on the output
except for the millions of pwm cycles

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i wouldnt use 3
i would use 2
of what
does this shit run on batterie?
then who gives a fuck
use two
thats my point itll be like 9-10
and its for 24 LEDs
because the resistor will have 2-3
which is a huge variation
like, 6-7V is less error
well i dunno where he got his leds
and this assumes they all heat evenly
no idea what his layout and enclosure is going to be like
but yeah 3 will work
anyway fix that shit
and you prob need more than 1/8w resistors
if you do it right
so use two 0805 or something

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if you have a decent one, itll be under 1R
so you just shorted your 12V rail with less than 1R
you need to put a resistor in series with the LEDs
one per string
wtf of course, put it in your schematic
unless it was a schematic for a test jig for the short circuit protection on your 12v reg
then right on, you keep kicking ass
for 12v?
timecop shoot yourself
3.3V * 4 = 12.2
er 13.2
you can use 3 in a row
for 10v
but in reality itll be like 9.5 to 10.5v
it depends on color
but the less voltage you are dropping, the more sensitive your system is to error

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because you want even brightness and using strings of 3 will make the resistor less effective at keeping even current
you just need one fet
so (12-6.6)/.06=90
use a 100R resistor
because 60mA is prob an absolute max number so this shit wont last forever anyway
timecop shoot him
diodes dont have any impedance above their forward voltage threshold
a zero ohm resistor
mosfets dont have much resistance when theyre on

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youre not serious are you
you dont even understand LEDs
because you just blew them all up
well unless you blew the mosfets up first
i guess its a race to failure
well you just blew everything up
you can break that up into 13 pairs
13 * .06 = 0.78
so you need a 1A continous fet at elevated temps
13 pairs of LEDs

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because our dnb weekly is like, 80 people
yours is like, 30
like in general?
it stopped being 105F
and they put a wildfire in the hills just north of work out, only got 4 acres

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theyre worse than paintball loaders
yeah bb gun was fun

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`nico: going to andy c this friday

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heh i <3 signing shit with my mouse

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