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werq done!
failout nv time!

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timecop: save money on two or three resistors?
and space
link to datasheet or gtfo

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efnet has that?
k there

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fuckin dmm is dead
i dont have 9v batteries

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fuck fuck fuck fuck
i think one of my voice coils is rubbing

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that wouldnt really matter on my bike tho its aluminum

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i need a bike lock
then my bmx cruiser is done
really its done im just afraid to take it anywhere
im prob just going to buy a ulock
its either that or a ny style chain
heh, yeah lots of people ride bikes with bigass chains around their waists
then use them to lock up the bike
these are bigass chains
this is like the nice version
lots of people just had uncovered chains with big master locks, so if you wrapped it on the bike the frame would get mad scratched up
haha like you would see some bikes wouldnt have any paint in some spots

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mfkr #electronics
time for foods bbl

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