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how much brightness control do you need
i mean how much current resolution do you need for your diode
you can switch resistors with pfets or pnp transistors
depends on the freq and the receiver device im guessing

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wait youre going to use that as the series resistor for an ir diode?
i hope you mean no because that shit only does 5ma

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find the asm instruction set list
no of your face
you might actually have to learn about your mcu architecture
just a little

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22:23 <@Rab> "Hacker Group Anonymous Vows To Destroy Facebook On November 5"
omfg bant

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mrtube: k good luck not breaking
taken literally it could mean dont break yourself
loosely it could mean dont break anything
mostly i meant you or the water heater
but it looks like you could break those pipes pretty easy

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tecan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3cE9iXIx9c&feature=BFa&list=AVAYMcY2vx8GTfwmaUXi5hxWFfp8nWdffk&index=3
get some cowbell
flux pavilion'd even
i wouldnt forgive me

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why are you tecan now
catsitting in a sec
wtf i got a voice mail i never got a phone call

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