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heh yeah thats weird

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yeah because i dont know wtf to say
nico doesnt work in a factory
and i dont work there
i would have to get a real shirt and prob cut my hair
hopefully, or the camera is kinda warpish

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urmom is colorful

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| 2.75V - Vdda | ftw, that symbol is already used up
its a pic
yes they run c
pic is really old
so itll prob always be around, like 8085 stuff
gps module would be neat

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thats neat, but im pretty sure in that doc divide just means divide
it says analog zooming possible
range is a window, a difference, subtraction, whatever
pretty sure thats saying divide your max ref by your analog voltage range to get your analog gain
analog zoom/gain = proportional relation = division
i dont really know what vdda is tho
maybe no, there is a comma there

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? wtf iu that character
not on my terminal =(
sculptor: dunno about that, if you divide the max ref voltage by your analog range, you get a value that equals the amount of analog scaling available
i still dont get why we are confusing divide and subtract symbols

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