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stk500 still lights up and blinks and stuff
holy shit atmel server is slow im going to bed

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k besides all that he was a weak op
fuck i should be going to sleep and im installing avrstudio
man fuck if their registration still isnt persistent...
oh fuck they verify email
i shouldnt have entered aweuyfgeaiugfy for that

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thats avrfreak
there are lilo pics tho, no?
do remember him kind of looking similar

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no it made rab sad so he made it not exist
pullup resistor current limiting without blowing up the LED for maximum win
parallel pullup resistors for brightness control seems kinda neat
im lying really, id have to find it before i blow the dust off
wtf lilo

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breadboard or u failed
can she do algebra!
wells shes practically an employed american engineer than
so yeah, breadboard, batteries, resistors, dmm, then get her a sig gen and some opamps, then put the caps and inductors
plus scope
then into microcontrollers
she shouldnt be driving before she can see
`nico: ino
rab: why is he ded or wat
you say that but then he will be here like every otrher day for months

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method 1 isn't accurate
i knew a fool would just dump powder meth into a cup of water and drink it
it def worked, guy was nuts (troublemaker pothead girls brother)
i think he just cloned timecops newb at electronics setup
which isnt a bad way to do it
trust me, not by much

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so you dont burn shit?
22:14 < renesis> monkeyisl: looks like you need to ground your probe and compensate it!
resistor is between your prob ground and circuit ground = not grounded
if you mean your probing voltage across a resistor, thats fine
its prob just the capacitance all over your breadboard

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monkeyisl: looks like you need to ground your probe and compensate it!
else something is bad
'crazy run' looks about as exciting as merging on to a southern california freeway

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why do you need cigarette ashtray on bike
whole world is an ashtray on bike
they FDM'd a pcb to prove a change on friday
=( =( =(

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seems pretty much same

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solidworks ftw
ive never used pro e but that shit seems dead
i know a lot of people use it
a lot of people use solidworks who used to use pro e
have you used sw?
sketching is fucked up simple once you get the relationships
draw first, tack on dims and relations
prob isnt much diff, if it is, its prob why a lot of pro e users seem to <3 sw

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takes off her security polo and starts bouncing around in a wifebeater and bra next to me
then she jumps barrier and runs back to drum n bass
`nico: the distorted youtube is a pretty decent slice, thats kind of what his whole set was like
older dnb, new dnb, lots of his recent shit, lots his recent shit remixed
yeah good luck massive live sets are hard to get =\
i think they plan on making money off them when we are all retiring
were still looking for certain audiotistic 1999 and 2000 sets

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haha turn your shit down his device does not have AGC
but yeah i was dead center, front
not as much drumstep as i had hoped
only a 60m set
but yeah lots of set overlap, flux pavillion and dj fresh
but they were dropping often enough it didnt matter so much
but yeah
maybe most awesome part of the night was the security chick front center behind the barrier in front of the stage
really young, super cute little brunette, glasses
had this OMG look on her face most of the time, spent half the time turned around looking at the dancing chicks
when i was in flux pavillion, she shows up in the corwd up front right in front of me

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then saw flux pavillion, like everything dubstep that mattered in the last 18 months
bit of house
then trip out, he played drum n bass
in the huge house area
told you dubstep was just a trick to get everyone else to listen to dnb
so yeah back to dnb area, benga was neat, half dubstep, datsik was neat, half dubstep
`nico: and what did soundcloud do?
dj fresh dropped everything
yeah i get live sets from anywhere
yeah, was drum n bass, dubstep, bit of that techy house stuff
like, he did the dubstep version of gold dust into the jungle version of it
audiotistic 2011
vid was pretty cool open frame LED panels
yeah thats been there awhile

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u r blog friend
ysbryd: pls2go to school or get a job that has you do component level troubleshooting, and come back next year
slept all day!
got everyone home safe last night
summary: they took flux pavillion out of the jungle room (biggest indoor area, huge sound), put him in the house tent (outdoor, most people, decent sound)
we got there during ed rush and optical, awesome dnb set, played a lot of shit going back almost 10 years

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oh yeah
macegr: there were these RGB led tubes hanging from a tree at audiotistic
possible sb sighting
pics came out useless

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k maybe there
kind of a drive

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hmm google maps for ramen does not produce tons of hits
yeah i can go to baja fresh for that
sometimes i just gets beans and rice and guacamole and bunch of chips
is like across the street
wanted something different
okay look if you are asking these questions it means you should stop asking these questions
the people in here who think most electronics problems are easy to figure out given the time and money all think RF is hard
this should be a clue

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guys im hungry i cant decide what to eat
pls2think for me i am too tired
i have no food im too tired to shop
i has no bread and the good stuff is at the farmers market is prob going to close soon
yeah until 1pm lame
.wz 91304
damn 73F
and cloudy
it rained on the way home last night
like, wtf sky its aughust
youre not supposed to have rains

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if its a module youre just adding a battery to

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omg use lerays!

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