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looks neat
buy it
k nite

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not now tired
nico: dj fresh was pretty awesome
most dnb, lots of dubstep tho
flux pavillion played drum n bass
besides everything important dubstep for the last 18 months

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ha wtf
you prob dont need more than 30W of LED for a bike
oh neat you have pics
i have one of those 8x2, header is on the side tho
yeah same thing

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theyre prob inefficient

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holy fuck i am out of iso alc

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they made 240s in 93?
and congrats
mine keeps going

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fools, trying to make money
thats no way to run a business
we have a proprietary MIDI/AES/PSU cable for my guitars at work, uses RJ45
i plugged one into my laptop last work trip, blew out my ethernet port
i was surprised, i figured i would have done that by now
its been a year and a half

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o midi guitar
it would be more interesting if he did it live with either a dj for beats or a live drummer
like, actual guitars
i mean for production
am possibly wrong but it sounds sequenced
ha @ read mode destruction

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heh i dont mind if he plays this track
the older brit tech laughed at this shit hes like MY DOG WOULD LOVE THIS TRACK
(synth melody sounds like doggy squeeker toy)
its rock/dnb transistion stuff
he says his next project he wants to get punk
he kind of got too big to sustain dnb credibility =)
wtf is ztar

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heh @ 2000 images for free not enough
pay $ or stfu and smile
nico: ed rush n optical from 8-9pm
dj fresh from 1-2am
theres like 4 hours i dunno wtf i am going to do
san bernandino @ the national orange show
big hangar-like areas, good for sound
i got no way to record
and i want to see if they have the balls to do dnb heavy sets
supposedly at EDC even andy c was all dubstep

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