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because youll never get a diode below like .2Vf
if you time it right and kick the fet on fast, its basically an ideal diode
at 4A you can prob get like a .05V drop easy
i think thats the fancy name
ive heard them called synchronous buck supplies
how big is your feedback resistor?

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kevtris: you have the LED yet?
oh wtf like that
the reg is a module or an ic?
pretty sure the other fet is the freewheeling diode
its the highest efficiency buck

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wild dogs are too stupid
dogs will either be a slave class or they will be exterminated
prob cats get the dogs to help them fight the bigger/smarter racoons

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yeah when people are gone its going to be racoons vs cats
its going to be brutal
racoons are huge

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hey does ipod play flac or is it useless?
i guess i could rockbox it anyway
thats what i have on my gigabeat
haha i think that shit is like 5 years old, still running
why prefferably to mp3?
like, the shit has headphones
(this is about the only situation where you can get full spectrum audio without some form of crossover distortion)
i know i wasnt talking to you
which is why im like wtf

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old volvos, fuck yeah

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blackmoon: how broken is your transmission?
put more fluids in it!
thats how i fix mine
and the speakers are for the del slo
yeah thats not good
mine leaks like a quart a week
ha, the engine eats up like half a quart every 3000mi \o/

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19:17 <@BlackMoon> Jigsaw in the garage would likey be acceptable too
i thought you meant jigsaw from #cars

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shit my phone has been dead since yesterday

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ive been to korea its not that ghetto
there are places worse in america

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