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inittab: you can make it not do that
too lazy to even verify if you can

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i lived right near van nuys airport runway the only time id notice planes is when i was half asleep kinda dreaming
also, wat

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sometimes you cruise in over the ghetto
well, fly in from wherever, those planes can turn pretty sharp
but youre low over central LA
also burbank is awesome
because you come in over the valley
so its like, oh look thats my life down there
you prob dont even hear it after a couple weeks

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k maybe
fuck that window seat ftmfw
i think you should practive
go to nyc or something
clouds can be so neat
also wave patterns in the ocean
also mountains
sometimes cities
cities look like bacteria in a petri dish!
actually it blows me away how big urban LA is
not always nico

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assuming the pilot does everything right
but since they get paid like 20K a year and barely have any experience and not so much sleep, you can bet that they will fuck it up
rab: of course they are they have TV in the seats
southwest for life
guys my tail mix has chocolate covered coffee beans and it melted and made a mess

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i has a hunger
left chocolate covered esspresso bean trail mix in the rental car
stupid pt cruiser
id prob forget after 2 minutes
i made some trail mix
it was pretty awesome

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use gentoo so all you applications are compiled on the fly when you start them
no rly man its 2011
i dont even think the word baud exists anymore
so like you have to stand up to do work wtf
well its a workbench
no rest for the geeky

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no they would have shit like, 600uF 700uF 800uF
just because

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wtf 800uF
800 doesnt exist
show me
no u
thats 8x 100uF caps
100uF exists
800uF doesnt
omfg you sound like the bossguys at my exjob
tip: that didnt work out great for them
and i bet you can get 800uF audio caps
just because stuff for audio is stupid =\
do you think audio parts manufacturers care?

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