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because something is broken

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heh i dunno macs are pretty funny in general

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replace it?

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omg whole ep!
where does she get the money for all the duster
i cant afford duster
that shit is expensive
her sister is kinda cute

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i seen a youtube on her

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like, as a keyboard light?
other wise, yes
unless you mean like, an array of led
dude just buy a new laptop
okay do it take pics let us know

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thats nookie

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heh they sell replacement surrounds on ebay for $30
you can get new ones for $300

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champi0n: my only speaker recommendation is you go and listen to a pair, and if you like them theyre good
prefferably you listen to many at once in the same environment
most people dont like ruler flat response, and even if they did, they wouldnt want to pay for it

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nope its 7:00
can smoke with hawaiian stoners in 19 minutes

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if they have an easy street, simi valley, california address, they were made in america
and the woofers were more likely selected or designed by the original engineers of the system
if they say hollywood, florida, theyre made in china
also im pretty sure its a plastic dome tweeter
i didnt like it
its classic CV sound tuned, which means the lows and highs will be boosted, the mid driver prob barely used
theyre old, so the woofers are probably loose, more likely to crash if they havent already
uh yeah dont buy them if you dont know they work
back when they were made 10mi from me
if those were made in 2000, theyre maybe made here, woofers and whole system

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champi0n: kinda, i worked there for a bit
its been owned by stanton for like 10 years now
i think theyre old
i think those might still be in production
look on the back, if the address says holywood california, it prob has a made in china sticker on it
er, hollywood florida
the only improvements to the system since cerwin vega was independent and based in simi valley, california, is likely they changed the woofers to cheaper ones
when i was working there, they had one of the acoustic monkeys trying to design a cheaper driver for it
and that guy wasnt too bright
thats around when they got bought
look on the back

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champi0n: sup

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anime is like most everything else
10% of it is awesome
the rest, not so much

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hello mr isl

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because its accessible
no not to you
there are more non geekers than geeks
do you want to make money?
arduino is like dubstep
most people doing this shit a long time know it sucks, but it brings people and money to the party

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