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damn i want pickles
bubbies pickles are double plus

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drawn ugly
its trash
ic2 vin+ is against a rail
that shit looks doable with a single comparator and an optotransistor

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i should be done paying my loan and the IRS around the same time
=\ =\ =\
guys how do i visualc++
i did visual basic UI shit for some test script and that shit was kinda easy
why would i do that
what do you use
why is tc asking you then
also mr joes bean and cheese taquitos are pretty okay

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didnt get a letter?
ya wtf
how much of it do you have to pay?
or like, the whole fucking thing
fucked up if you have to pull a loan to pay for your loan
cmon even i can pay that in 150 days
and you prob pay less in rent and make like $15k more than me
mine went from $1000 to $1150
whatever i dont care anymore
i am made of money none of this bothers me
i think mine is under 3% thank voodoos

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then the one time i was driving people home at 3am, ran a red light by 2ft like 100 yards in front of a cop
'have you had anything to drink?'
'what like one beer 4 hours ago'
didnt even sobreity test me, my friends where like WTF DONT SAY THAT OMFG
omg hi
how is pipe design
and why are you fucked
besides student loans and a gf
also yeah, i spend way too much money on drum n bass
and fucked up part is lately, except for thursday, its almost all dub step
eh what do you mean
like you forgot about one of the loans?

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death of a fanboy
does it auto caps
i forgot to get a headlight fixit ticket inspected and cleared
$25 fine becomes $860
cmon this is my life why are you even acting surprised
also im not sure ive kept track of all my proof of insurance court dates
i know i have two dates in aughust but im pretty sure theres another sooner
fucked part is, i fixed the headlight and i had insurance when i got pulled over
all 100 times this happened
or 5 times or 20 who can remember
handled it
previously was getting pulled over for expired tags, handled it

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it has 1.5" more Y than the taig
it has less spindle power, bit more automation, but not much more
dunno the collet situation
has limit switches
dunno what control software it uses
that machine is the only other one id consider besides a taig
and only because of the 7" Y
seems expensive
shit if you want a real machine, spend 3x more and get a tormach with the full tooling package
professor had one
guy was a bitch but he had a decent stepper mill

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timecop: wat

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