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i think its just noise
or his shit is switching at 200mhz

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because if you set it to ac you wont have to fuck with the offset knob

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also you need to load the psu
if youre not
there wont be any ripple
and 5us, im assuming you mean the ripple of a mc34063
so like somewhere is the 50-200khz range

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then set the divs to like 5uS
we dont know anything, this is all an elaborate trick
im saying change the setting to filter your channel input
to make some of the fuzz go away
itll be like bandwidth limit, or hf filter, or hf reject, some shit
prob in the channel menu
then set the time divisions to like 5uS
and put the input mode on AC
well thats what my guess was based on
im not saying im right

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1) turn on scope
2) attach probe to output
3) hit auto-scale
scope sucks, get a new one
theres prob some sort of filter/bw limit for your input
use it

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theyre all the same
that part is like 30 years old
heh the on semi doc looks like a cut and paste of the ti doc
or maybe the other way, the calculations table is pretty useful for understanding smps in general

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incubus: we taught him LEDs and i think he still remembers
hes a badass at copying app note schematics
which almost makes you an EE
1n914 will behave like LEDs for about 3 seconds if you overcurrent them
probably 1n4148 too
one time use indicator LEDs heh
wtf is blue phosphorous?

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rab: how long did this happen?
supposedly vitamins dont work
like you barely absorb any of that shit
thats why: juicer
i thought you had a new exgf
when they die all of a sudden they dont like it there?

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subway veggie patties taste too good
they must have mad salt and chemical flavors
chili is however you make it
you could just do like, beans and peppers and lean meat
can soup = mad soidum
man i gotta clean up
i want to just sell all my stuff and mess as a package deal
and start over
haha get into pasta
pasta is stupid easy
i got a juicer

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that doesnt make sense
because any linear voltage reg, if pin=pout, the thing is in droupout
tho all i saw was 78xx and 79xx so i might be totally off subject

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no because i dont watch much south park
from russia w/ <3

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the factory has an exclusive distribution deal with a .kr company
so no one else who sources from there is allowed to sell to .kr
whats an msa
was going to email you back today
holiday weekend, so either been out or sleeping
dunno, im bitching for a schedule but management too caught up in their own problems
but yeah thats around when the container shows up
hotel supplies towels
if im there i can prob show up
if they dont arrange a car before i leave im not going

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oh damn i hate that vid
you guys get ripped off on electric cigs too
and everyone here is bant from selling there

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yellow car guy is in big trouble

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i wont learn because i live in the middle of the city parts
to get to the canyon parts, i have to go through city parts
and like, id never commute on a bike
might as well play russian roulette on meth
makes sense

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blackmoon: haha @ motorcycle helmet protest
so what i was wondering, like how many of the people at the protest will now where helmets
that ones kinda neat
like, who would want to survive missing a jaw, tho
like, jezus fuck get a real helmet
srs bzns

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you have to file that you lost your phone with the police to get another one?
that sucks
i dropped one of my phones in a creek
dried it in a toaster oven
i just call sprint and go 'i lost my phone'
someone elses phone

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