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monkeyisl: im pretty sure youre fine
you dissipate less heat in your switching device
prob runs more efficient

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yay juicer

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no but i guess they do stuff together
it exists

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you could see her stabbing the buttons to cue up the songs to beatmatch
then minibosses did everything i wanted and maybe couple things i hadnt heard or didnt recognize
not a ton
hers were newer too, i think
gameboy colors, maybe
whatever she was the only one didnt come off as amateur, heh
i think her mom was the person at her merchandise booth
she does a chiptune monthly downtown
but yeah, they ended w/ megaman 2, then encored with ninja gaiden and ikari warriors
played a long version of kid icarus, contra, one of the metroid songs
i got you in a burst

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i got home at like 4p
then i ate the weed chocolate
got home 4am
but ya didnt wake up until 5
heh @ gameboy chiptune opening acts
the first guy had this old fat ugly blond chick singing over his first two tracks
she had a bubble gun with leds
she threw mad glitter all over the crowd
and got it in their little mixer
oh yeah then she went on about how she loves us left wingers and praise the obama
she got no response
was all like, hardcore/gabber, w/ some dubstep, tiny bit of drum n bass
but the third gameboy act was mohawk chick, she had her shit together
she had two gameboys, and she was mixing them, like one hour continuous set

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