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fuck i love sleeping

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23:13 <@BlackMoon> sure sure, but trust me on this: slots + bolts are the best way to go
its bidirectional too
you have to readjust when chain wears down, unlike normal chain tensioner, but whatever not the end of the world

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zeeshan_: is it bidirectional?
the motor
so you could mount fixed and use a simple chain tensioner on the unloaded side
bidirectional its maybe easier to mount the motor and gearbox on something that pivots to take up chain slack
chains wear out
i gotta go start laundry =(

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chain tensioner
then your shit is complete

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guys should i get a nook
where is that mfkr shawn he knows about these things
why no
is that out?
damn dont even say hi to me =(
raves dont do enough sound controlled lighting
asia has lots of led setups
woah that is cool

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haha wtf canadia

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