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have you checked yet?
if it just does negatives for everything above 255/2

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but my guess is it just does it signed, like if its over 0x7F, it just does the negative value

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so the real way to fuck people over is if 0x100 = 0x00
yeah i said that
like can you put 0x10F in the code to mean 0x0F
yeah but it prob wraps
so like 0x23F7ACA9801 might be the same as 0x01
no for the actual opcode it says in the avr instructions doc
but for the -0x10 thing, ya its some weirds avr-gcc shit

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page 94
youre asking us avr asm questions without ever seeing this doc
we should ban you for life and burn down your jphouse
so what
i dont even write asm in raw hex
i had to hold his hand
well we knew the answer to that the whole time
its lunix
i would just assume it works because why throw an error and what else are you going to put the wraparound for an 8b register?

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ldi only loads a byte
stop giving 16b values its out of context and making us hate you
and i think it is
its two LDI
see i told you its splitting them
give the raw hex code and look at it
you dont see the FO
80 and 95 are just byte markers no?

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maybe the 2nd half of each byte are in the payload
er, are the payload
anyway stfu and read the avr asm manual, has all the instruction descriptions

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you can ldi $ff
dont want to do laundry
because maybe it does it all signed
because it doesnt matter and someone thought it was neat
youre not supposed to be reading it
0x100 = 0x00
the next byte?

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how is avr asm dumb because it knows what a byte - $10 is?
stop crying
you can
stop crying and stop pasting code
did you write the code
no youre being a crybaby
sounds like a compiler eccentricity
or flood bant

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um its obvious
top left is the top view, because it shows where the LEDs emit from, and it doesnt have full pads, just those little mousebites for pulling up solder
top right, the top is the left and the bottom is on the right
because the solder goes on the bottom
bottom left is the bottom view, because it has full pads
top left also shows the lines for the lens that are in middle left view

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they all have vf=3?
and it wont always work
unless your gpio is current limited then fuckit
still wont always work but least nothing burns
you dont have a 5v?

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aaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeeah

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bitches i got hummus and pita chips
now what

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ac or dc doesnt matter, it determines your voltage dropout for a given load current
omfg cheater
yes how much less voltage you have, do to power loss in your source impedance
i dont have a dog
and my cat is hanging out with my mom
the world is killing cheater
*killing it
actually i can go with the typo'd statement too

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EE guy brought it to work almost ran into into an MEs face
lots of cute white chicks, prob all lesbians
thats kind\a true

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nico: someone brought a cheaper one to work
battery lasts 8m
self stabilizing, but i dunno if it can handle payload
little 5ml fuel tank
the blades or the whole rotor

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cheater__: uh, yeah?

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because the motor wouldnt couple through the torque converter
so i dunno how it would get hot
but yeah, i go on the freeway, i get off, it smokes
like, the atf on bottom of the transmission
dunno maybe that or both
89 volvo 740
but yeah i wont take it to the desert or super long distances
dunno, theyre pretty reliable
well, electronics are kinda fucked
like switches and tail lamp holders
its covered the o2 sensor
i think thats why engine diagnostics throws up the code,
so i havent changed it
because i figure a new one will just get fucked the same
also i dont like working under the car because there is atf nastiness everywhere
but yeah it still runs pretty good
and when you top up the atf the transmission is fine
for like, i dunno almost 40k miles since ive had it
heh how much do you think it costs to have a shop clean that shit off

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okay GPFs link was definitely better
im not sure what this is trying to prove, but at the end it looks like black bean sprouts
kinda neat
k i need to go get food
and i think gas
and transmission fluid
fucking transmission
thing wont die
dunno, i prob just wouldnt be able to go anywhere

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ponder on urmom for a little bit

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oh shit
today is follow your hearts 40th anniversary
(dirty hippie health food cafe/market, best ever peanut butter milkshakes)
dude you make a milkshake and put peanut butter wtf
oh, seems to be a reunion, not like, special deals on expensive hippie food
you dont have peanut butter?
what about almond butter?

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hardcore is kinda too hardcore =\
like its cool but i cant listen to it for hours

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and then
im used to seamless mixing of broken beats at 180bpm, =\
well, i guess theyre not always so broken
what 30s song?

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3rd was this mohawk chick, wet mango
she was the only one who had her shit together enough to run two gameboys
and mix them
continuous set
no the run audio off them
it might be a dj specific app, or everything is programmed at same bpm
but you could see her hitting the A/B buttons over and over trying to beat match
she was really good at it
she had newer gameboys too
like, i think the color ones
anyway was pretty neat, she did what i thought the first two should have been doing
i guess they were using a pc to load into the flash carts
but yeah, then minibosses
obviously awesome, played one of the metroid tracks, extra long version of kid icarus, contra, smb2
finished w/ megaman, then encored with ninja gaiden and ikari warriors
cheater__: the first two werent doing sets, they were just loading songs into the gameboys and playing them
i dunno if they meant to mix them or what, but they didnt
i dont even think they had two gameboys

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wow i slept like all day
i like fantasize about this but now that ive done it i feel like ive fucked up, didnt get shit done
ur old
i dont want to to laundry and clean
i want to take a week off and do these things slowly
w/ mad sleep
also possibly WA vacation
macegr: saw minibosses...
first three acts were gameboy chiptunes
first guy brought some old fat disoriented chick to sing on the first two songs
she poured glitter on everyone
got it in their 4 track usb mixer
then the killed pulled off his shirt and started moshing by himself while yelling to his gameboy songs
which mostly sounded like hardcore and gabber, few moments of drum n bass
2nd guy, wizwars, had mostly hardcore and some dubstep
anyway, i watched most of it, but it wasnt so impressive

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